Monday, February 13, 2012

News of the Week: 13 February 2012

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The hottest bite in America…Outdoor Life's new fishing blogger…Rapala buys a new company…mild winter is hurting ice fishing….a big tuna adventure…a perch that wasn't supposed to win a tourney…Bassmaster Classic champion Ken Cook answers questions…Dogfish tourney…the Sneak Bird winds the Field & Stream tackle contest…British float maker passes on…so does Pekin fishing writer…jack mackerel attack…a fly fishing exhibit at Turtle Bay…a huge whale shark…a classic fish tale…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The hottest bite in America?

Outdoor Life has a new fishing blogger.

Rapala hooks a new company--Big Lake maker of Ice Augurs.

Mild winter leaves ice fishermen out in the cold.

Bill Sargent's big tuna adventure is a thrill of a lifetime.

The perch that wasn't mean to be a winner.

Bassmaster Classic champion Ken Cook answers questions.

Dogfish tournament is not a glamor event.

Field & Stream's vintage tackle winner this wee is the Sneaky Bird.

Former England international angler--and fishing float maker--Robin Harris passes away.

Angling author John "Fred" Gregory passes away.

Karachi fishermen reel in a 36-foot Whale Shark

Bait shops spread the word about invasive species.

Learning to love the jack mackerel.

Carp gain as fly fishing favorites

Turtle Bay exhibit shows the artistry of fly fishing.

Bobbing for controversy.

FInishing with a Flourish: A big fish tale to beat them all.

-- Dr. Todd

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36 feet shark found dead near Karachi sea.

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