Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joes Old Lures 2nd Annual Photo Display Contest Entry Information

Harold Dickert's
2nd Annual Joe's Old Lures Photo Display Contest
Entry Information

This is intended to be an educational, informative, and fun contest.

Let's keep it simple as possible.

-One photo entry per contestant, with a short paragraph of descriptive information if you wish
-The main theme of the entry must be related to old fishing tackle
-The date of entry will be February 14th midnight to 6 PM the 15th
Possibly prizes to be awarded?… Plus the honor of winning.
-you don't need to belong to any club or organization to enter
-The entries will be viewed by all those on Joe's board and voted on any time Wed. the 15th 6PM through Midnight. The votes should be emailed to me (hdjd@frontier.com) and I will tabulate and announce the winner. This is so we don’t use up a lot of space on the board. That’s 18 hours to enter and 6 hours to vote.

Some guidelines for your entry...

-ascetically pleasing and exciting
-historically interesting
-good photography, i.e. good lighting and clarity

I'm doing this contest on my own with Joes consent and I hope you all enjoy it. I thought it might help us get through a long Winter that is actually not too bad in many parts of the country…so far.

We'll host the photos here on the Fishing for History blog!

-- Dr. Todd

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