Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why The New Pope Has The Most Valuable Piece of Fishing Memorabilia Ever Made

This photo made the press wires over a half century ago, and when I stumbled across it, I put it aside thinking maybe in a decade it would be useful. Who knew we'd have a new pope soon?

The caption for the photo reads as follows:

Repairing Papal Ring: The famous "Fisherman's Ring" worn by every pope and ceremoniously broken after the death of each pontiff, is shown being repaired Feb. 24 for placing on the finger of the new pope. The Vatican jeweler s shown at work on the ring which will be placed on the finger of Pope Pious XII.

Here's the Ring of the Fisherman on the hand of the Pope Emeritus, Benedict:

Most certainly the most valuable fishing-themed item in the world!

-- Dr. Todd

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