Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: 19,000 Year Old Ice Age Fish Hooks Found

I try not to do what most blogs do -- making individual posts on articles that other people have written/researched. I save these for the Fishing News of the Week every Monday. But sometimes I read something so cool I can't wait.

Today's one of those days.

Archaeologists have uncovered a 19,000 year old fish hook made from a mammoth tusk. This is huge news, as they are the oldest found in Europe. The amazing thing about this hook is that it would still work perfectly today.

It appears to be around 10 cm in length with a 3 cm gap between the point and the shank. It would have been used to catch large fish in fast moving water where nets and harpoons would not work. It reminds us that ancient hunters were also ancient anglers.

The original story was posted to the great web site and is definitely worth a read.

-- Dr. Todd

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