Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Voices from the Past: W.T.J. Lowe (1892)

The following blurb and ad comes from The Sportsman's Directory and Year Book from 1892, and features one of my favorite firms of the Victorian age -- William T. J. Lowe. Of particular interest is the full page advertisement.

The Lowe Trolling Baits, Many year's experience as a practical angler and manufacturer, has enabled Mr, W. T. J. Lowe to produce a variety of trolling baits, which are probably unexcelled. These baits are of numerous styles, some of the best known, being the star bait, gold and silver plated, furnishing a combination of colors for either cloudy or fair weather; the original fluted bait, equally good in its way, and the eclipse, which revolves with great rapidity and works automatically, which assures hooking the fish firmly. None but the best English hooks are used in the connection with Lowe's patent baits. "Anglers are requested to send for samples and catalogue, mentioning the Sportsmen's Directory. Address, W. T. J. Lowe, Buffalo, N. Y. (See advertisement, page XIX.)

-- Dr. Todd

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