Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The UNID Files #19: The Case of the Missile Hook

After a brief hiatus, we will continue with the UNID Files. Reader Dan Canavan sent in this rather incredible fish hook which he would like some help identifying. Dan writes:

Hello Mr. Larson and greeting from the Adirondacks of NY. I e-mailed a picture of these hooks to Jeff Keiny, who in turn suggested I contact yourself, Bill Blauser, Jack Looney and Chad Kortoba to assist in identifying the "gorge hook" pictured in the attachment to this e-mail. Jeff could not identify it and felt that it was "old." Bill nor Jack recognized it. So I have to ask, is this a hook you have seen before? I found and purchased the hooks that were in a box lot of older, but mostly common gear, from a antiques dealer out of Iowa. Thank you for your time and consideration with my inquiry.

I would say you have a veritable "Yankees' murderer's row" of hook collectors in Kieny, Blauser, Looney, and Kotarba. I haven't seen this particular hook, either, but I concur with my good friend Kieny that this is an old hook. It's also SUPER COOL -- it looks like a missile. I would guess ca. 1920. If anyone can put an ID to this hook, please email Dan at: danita964u AT

-- Dr. Todd


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