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Voices from the Past: World's Strangest Tackle Shop? (1945)

Voices from the Past: World's Strangest Tackle Shop? (1945)

This article describes the weirdest tackle store in history, located near Nottingham. The article comes from the 09 February 1945 Christian Science Monitor.

Once Britain's Strangest Shop

A portion of the Castle Rock at Nottingham, revealing three cave holes, the doorway and windows of Britain's strangest shop. The steps leading to the shop can be seen winding among the undergrowth on the rock-face. It appears that the cave was used as a fishing-tackle store until about 1800. The caves are situated in the rock immediately below Nottingham castle, and in primitive times a whole colony of people lived in them; even when civilization advanced the caves were never without occupants. In fact, the old name of Nottingham was Tiuogobauc (Saxon), which historians have translated as meaning "the cave dwellings."

Here is a more modern view of the old tackle shop, perhaps the only one ever located in a cave:

You can even tour it, if you're near Nottingham.

-- Dr. Todd

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