Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Visit to the Adirondack Museum by Peter Nilsen

Peter Nilsen just sent these nice photos and commentary about his trip to the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake. It looks like a terrific place and now we all get a view of their neat tackle and fishing history items, courtesy of Peter.

A Visit to the Adirondack Museum

by Peter Nilsen

I just returned from a little vacation road trip to the Addirondacks in New York State with the wife (unfortunately non fishing) and we visited the Addirondack museum at Blue Mountain Lake, just East of lake George. What a place. It's 21 buildings of the history of the Addirondacks, from furniture making, logging and industry, to boating, camping, hunting and fishing. They had great displays of every facet of Adddirondack life. The fishing , hunting exhibits were just great. I've included some pics I took of the fishing stuff that you might enjoy. There were some nice old fly rods and reels you would drool over. The boating history was just spectacular, too. All the early canoes, paddles and out board motors...nice! A must visit if anyone's traveling to that area.

Super displays of gear from the early pioneers of recreation. Generally wealthy industrialists from New York city.

Neat english rods and reels

Great old log with flies etc.

Folk lures and metal. There were others that were made from tin cans and eating utensils

1931 L.L. Bean catalog

Hand-made ice tip-ups and box

Chapman Box

A nice overview of a place that is on my short list to visit in the near future. The museum has a nice web site with information on hours, directions, etc. for anyone interested in visiting. Thanks to Peter for sending this our way!

UPDATE: NFLCC Member Gary Paschal wrote to tell us that there is a great antiques and collectibles show, with lots of fishing tackle, held at the museum on the third weekend of September. For information go to their web site. Thanks, Gary!

-- Dr. Todd

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Unknown said...

i would second that the adirondack museum is well worth the trip. However-give yourself plenty of time. the rich were different.