Sunday, June 21, 2009

Streater's Thought of the Week

Every weekend Dick Streater gives us his thought of the week, culled from his voluminous files on fishing and tackle history.

Minnesota has 15,291 lakes over 10 acres in size. A list would include: 261 Mud Lakes, 154 Long Lakes, 123 Rice Lakes, and 81  Bass Lakes.  Rare names include: Wet, O-Be-Good, Hooter, Flapper, Fanny, Octopus, Dirty Horse, Uff, and Balogna. Don't forget your license when fishing Violation and Jail lakes!  Waterfront lots always have a higher value, but the listings would have to name:  Deadfish, Dead, Deadcoon, Dirty Water, Pea Soup, Mosquito*, Mudhole, Dismal Swamp, and Disappointment lakes. (Note:  Both Dr. Todd & Streater are former Minnesota residents.)

-- Dick Streater

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