Monday, June 15, 2009

News of the Week: 15 June 2009

A new Ohio state record caught 10 miles from my house...the disturbing Hatchet Fish...what's a Skeet?...east-coast/west-coast feud over angling's Porgy Time, Bess!...memories of fishing gear of yore...the Vikings go fishing...John Wilson gets knighted...the bucktail...13 year old dog swallows 12 fish hooks...millionaire got his start selling fishing tackle...a profile of bamboo rod maker Jim Downes...Larry Dahlberg gets profiled too...the end of the line for fishing? hooks and lands guided must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: New Ohio state record Blue Catfish caught 10 miles from my house!

Part V of the funniest series on web--the Most Disturbing Animals on Earth--features not one but two fish, including the disconcerting Hatchet Fish.

Don Barone asks "What's a Skeet?"

How to have a ball with fluke.

From the Biggie-Tupac It Ain't Files: A huge tuna sparks west coast angler vs. east coast angler debate, with the IGFA caught smack in between. Here's a link to the story that started it all.

The Rochester Bassmasters Club is attractive a lot of anglers.

Ring the bells Bessie, because it's Porgy Time!

Dave Souza has water colored memories of forgotten gear.

First the Super Bowl, then the Stanley Cup, Now This: A Pittsburg angler is enshrined in fly fishing museum.

Really, really big tarpon are out there waiting for you. Seriously.

From the "I Hope This Is A Good Idea" File: Children will get a chance to fish with the Minnesota Vikings. Because we all know how well the Vikings and boats go together...

John Conley has a whopper of a largemouth story.

The Seattle Times reports on special fishing event for disabled children on July 11th.

Britain's most famous angler--John Wilson--is named an MBE for his contributions to angling.

The American Sportfishing Association declares that all economic news is not bad.

How to choose the right bucktail.

Popular Cape Cod fishing captain dies tragically in angling accident.

There's a new record stingray for this British club.

Hints on buying the right reel.

13-year old dog swallows 12 fish hooks.

One Pittsburgh artist has created "the Tom Museum," dedicated to fishing and anglers.

British angler is robbed of $10,000+ of fishing tackle. While he was off watching an angling match.

Field & Stream declares the jig the world's greatest lure.

British millionaire got his start selling fishing tackle through the mails.

One surf caster is looking for the next classic fishing rod.

Bamboo rod maker Jim Downes is featured in this article.

North Dakota has a new record buffalo fish.

While Tennessee has a new state record Redhorse.

Dennis Anderson profiles Larry Dahlberg. With video evidence.

Dr. Julie Ball empowers girls to go fishing.

A review of the bleak documentary (made from the bleak book of the same name) The End of the Line.

Finishing with a Flourish: Fisherman hooks and lands live missile in the gulf...WHAAATTT???

-- Dr. Todd

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