Sunday, March 31, 2013

1000 Words

This is a cool photo from ca. 1900 of an angler posing with a whole mess of trout. I like these photos because they always remind me that they were taken in a photo studio, and the fish were likely many hours old at this time and smelled ripe.

-- Dr. Todd

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: South Bend Part III (1912)

As a follow up to last weeks feature, I wanted to provide a glimpse back in time through an early South Bend Bait Company Tackle Sales Booster pamphlet. This pamphlet was directed at tackle dealers and not the individual angler. This is the same pamphlet mentioned in the 1912 letterhead to Norris Hardware that was highlighted in last week's column. This is one of many  pamphlets used in South Bend's advertising enclosure idea. This was an idea that sales could be increased by adding pamphlets to South Bend letters and boxes that were mailed out to dealers and customers. The pamphlet is simply titled "Tackle Sales Boosters" and the cover sports a large Art Nouveau Style letter "T" in the center. I wonder what they were thinking when they designed this cover. It certainly doesn't conjure up thoughts of fishing or even selling fishing tackle.

Once opened the pamphlet does get much better. The inside pages are promoting two of South Bends easel back counter top display assortment cards. First is the Buck-Tail Assortment # 352. It featured their Buck-Tail baits & Weedless Hooks mounted on the Silent Salesman card priced at $3.52 . The second display card was the Minnow Assortment  #358. This featured an assortment of one dozen South Bend wooden minnows and at $3.58 it was priced at only six cents more the the Buck-Tail assortment. South Bend kept it simple, the assortment number and the price charged to the tackle dealer was one in the same. It seems the tackle dealer could make a nice profit with these cards, almost doubling their investment. 

The back of the pamphlet shows the Anti-Back- Lash Casting Reel in its Natural Size. The text does a nice job promoting the reel that could convert fishermen into anglers.


Jim Jordan

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

Monty Holmes looks at his 75 year collection of fishing tackle.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

You don't see these Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett "True Value" trade lures in boxes very often.

Don't know much about this Helion French spinning reel, but it is really striking.

I may have said this before, but if you don't own this book, you're crazy.

While not a super valuable lure, this Tack-L-Tyers Dizz-E-Minno is pretty darn rare in the box.

This art deco VL&A line spool is really, really cool.

This is a nice Heddon 150 in Rainbow is a nice find.

This is a pretty rare Bingo Floater.

Lots of interest in this Winchester lure (even if the box is for a Multi-Wobbler).

This is a nifty Special Order photo finish Pikie Minnow!

This Ivoroid lure is going to break the bank.

This Sure Catch Lur-O-Lite is a nice find.

A Tycoon rod is always a great classic.

As always, have a great weekend, and be good to each other--and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lost Patents: The Hanke Minnow (1957)

Chris Diestel emailed me about this very, very cool patented bait and was kind enough to provide some detailed photos. This month's "Lost Patent" is a lure patented by Fred R. Hanke of Cincinnati, Ohio on May 7, 1957. He was issued Patent #2,791,055 for a "Fishhook Device" that was most definitely an original bait. While not a true spring loaded lure, it does, in fact, utilize a spring, and like the Heddon Scissortail (the least successful lure in Heddon's long history), has a scissoring action.

In Cincinnati, the Hanke name is an old and respected one. A major city landmark -- the Hanke Building -- was constructed in 1876 by Herman A. Hanke, who ran Hanke's Department Store there until it closed in 1933. The building still exists today and has been completely renovated.

One member of this esteemed local family was Frederick R. Hanke (1909 - 1967). Hanke applied for a patent for his ingenious bait on April 11, 1955 and was granted a patent a little over two years later, a fairly quick turn around. I don't know what this lure was sold as, so if anyone knows its name, drop me a note. I only know it is one really cool lure!

Many thanks to Chris for sending this in.

-- Dr. Todd

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The UNID Files #19: The Case of the Missile Hook

After a brief hiatus, we will continue with the UNID Files. Reader Dan Canavan sent in this rather incredible fish hook which he would like some help identifying. Dan writes:

Hello Mr. Larson and greeting from the Adirondacks of NY. I e-mailed a picture of these hooks to Jeff Keiny, who in turn suggested I contact yourself, Bill Blauser, Jack Looney and Chad Kortoba to assist in identifying the "gorge hook" pictured in the attachment to this e-mail. Jeff could not identify it and felt that it was "old." Bill nor Jack recognized it. So I have to ask, is this a hook you have seen before? I found and purchased the hooks that were in a box lot of older, but mostly common gear, from a antiques dealer out of Iowa. Thank you for your time and consideration with my inquiry.

I would say you have a veritable "Yankees' murderer's row" of hook collectors in Kieny, Blauser, Looney, and Kotarba. I haven't seen this particular hook, either, but I concur with my good friend Kieny that this is an old hook. It's also SUPER COOL -- it looks like a missile. I would guess ca. 1920. If anyone can put an ID to this hook, please email Dan at: danita964u AT

-- Dr. Todd

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report (March 2013)

MARCH 2013
Featured Reels:
 Cardinal 3 second version exc- @ 365.00
 Cardinal 33X new this year nib @ 405.00
record 400 exc- @ 870.15
Larchmont model 3 nib @ 131.38

Allcock Oto-Duplex re-paint @ 461.00
    "      Felton crosswind junior minor wear @ 302.62
Daiwa GS9M exc+ @ 264.41
Garcia Mitchell 540 Dual like new @ 404.99
Heddon 100 CF ewb @ 198.25 wow
Orvis 75A like new @ 381.00 wow
Penn 712 ewb @ 127.50
How about these Zebco spin cast reels----------------
ZeeBee 9BZ e+wb @ 200.00
33 50th anniv. #800 of 1000 like new with display case @ 331.00

33 early with plastic  spinner heads e+wb @ 250.00
Knew I shouldn't have given all mine away to the kids in the neighborhood thru the years, who would have thought !!!!!

Reel Deals:
Bronson Spinit 400 exc @ 11.50
Coptes Mosquito kid exc @ 60.00
Dragon Fly nib @ 29.00
French Mepps super Meca orange exc @ 91.00
garcia Mitchell 308 e+wb @ 27.01
J C Higgins 306-39910 by Bretton exc- @ 19.99
from Holand P M Tamson exc @ 65.00
Black 710 exc- @ 49.00
410 cf marron/gold exc- @ 43.00
420 special green exc- @ 46.01
430 specail nib @ 48.00
rite angler exc @ 27.05
Swiss record K11 exc @34.07
   "         "    400 e-wb @ 27.00
Zebco 33 CF with plastic and metal spinner-heads ewb @ 69.99
Sagarra exc @ 38.08
   "   Junior exc @ 38.08
More reels:
222 second version ewb @ 349.61
333 first version exc-  103.50
999 3-speed exc- @ 475.63
   44 re-issue nib @ 187.50
    6 first version ewb @ 169.50
   754 e-wb @ 75.00
Master spin 326 CF e-wb @ 29.75
Hardy Altex no 2 mk V nib @ 203.16
   "     Axalta exc @ 272.41
220 nib @ 31.00
277 nib @ 30.98
  Micron curved leg ewb @ 150.00
2C/S mrked 2C/S on medallion exc @ 112.50
   UL mignon missing drag knob @ 160.35
   44/M Majestic paint wear @ 157.50
By Nettuno:
   Delfin exc- @ 83.08
Winio paint wear @ 96.62
Niagara spring minor wear @ 127.75
  Holliday 40 ewb + extra body, cup, spool and handle all like new @ 327.00

  Jolly first version exc- @ 157.50
   Pelican 100 first version exc @ 81.00
300 Pro nib @ 152.50
314 nib @ 212.50
396 Pro like new @ 135.00
488 nib @ 183.50
440A Match nib @ 146.98
498 PUM like new @ 102.00
508 exc+ @ 365.00
704Z custom MPU , copper snake skin finish buy-now
@ 249.00 NO BIDS

710Z Custom restored polished alum finish MPU
Penn-Staal by seller @ 237.39 wow

1785 SCF nib @ 55.00
2052 second version nib @ 90.99
Pres 11 2910 e-wb @ 142.50
55 CF ewb @ 81.00
two boxes ONLY for 4 second series both exc @ 51.00
7 first version RE-PAINT @ 82.89
Otco Surf Slip Cast exc- @ 54.00
Ashaway Slip Cast ewb @ 64.00
Fin nor no 4 exc @ 265.00
Flip-It nib @ 32.00
and a Johnson Pink Princess 100AP exc @ 183.79

Guess we missed Spring !!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

News of the Week: March 25, 2013

Don't have time to read 50+ fishing and tackle collecting blogs and web sites? Well, let us do it for you! Follow all of the latest news, articles, and stories on our Whitefishpress Twitter account! Hint: You don't need to be a member...just bookmark the Twitter Feed Page or click on latest links to the right! THE MONDAY 10: The Ten Fishing Stories of the Week You Need to Know

The Big Lead: This man thinks he has too much fishing tackle.

Ever wanted to own a historic part of Redditch's hook making past?

Spring trout stocking on Martha's Vineyard.

Why we should make fishing a high school sport.

Spey casting clinic on Clark Fork led by international champion.

This week's winner in the Field & Stream Vintage Tackle Contest is the Creek Chub Bug Wiggler.

Pennsylvania decision to close hatcheries is REVERSED.

A little history of the Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Kirk Deeter calls "What A Trout Sees" the must-have book this year for fly anglers.

Finishing with a Flourish: A Great White Shark is captured off John's Pass.

-- Dr. Todd

Sunday, March 24, 2013

1000 Words: Ivar Hennings (1920)

Here is a great photo of South Bend Bait Co. president Ivar Hennings with a big string of bass. It's a cool photo that appeared in the October 20, 1920 issue of Hunter-Trader-Trapper.

-- Dr. Todd

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: South Bend Part II (1912)

This weeks feature is another early South Bend Bait Company letterhead. At first glance this March 13, 1912  letterhead appears essentially the same as the 1911 letterhead featured in last week's column. There are a some key differences. One big difference is the advertising cut which is printed in the lower left hand corner. This cut is very product specific, and is almost totally dedicated to promoting South Bends Anti-Back-Lash Casting Reel.

Remember this ad is used only five months after the one shown last week. This ad now has some notable differences from the ad found on last weeks featured South Bend letterhead. Specifically this one informs us that this South Bend ad will be one of a series and will be placed in Sportsman's magazines (plural), whereas in the previous letter only one specific publication was mentioned. Any mention of being successors to the Worden Buck-Tail Mfg. Co. has been dropped. The cut now informs the reader that this South Bend advertisement will be put out in front of over a half a million prospective sportsman customers. The content of this letter also lends some insight into another of South Bends advertising tools, the Tackle Sales Booster and the companies Silent Salesman Assortments.

This wonderful 1912 South Bend letter indicates Ivar Hennings' persistent publicity campaign is stepping up its game. It is a textbook  look at Ivar Hennings advertising strategy. Hennings believed that the letter was one of the most sadly neglected phases of advertising. When it came to gaining a customer, Ivar Hennings felt that a personally and specifically targeted letter was second only to a personal visit from a company representative.

Fortunately for fishing tackle ephemera collectors the South Bend Company regarded its mail so great an asset that it made full use of what they referred to as the enclosure idea. The idea would be for little advertising pamphlets to go out with every letter and with every box of goods.

Tune in next week for a taste of  South Bend's enclosure idea, a look at South Bend's Tackle Sales Booster, and their Silent Salesman Boards.

I would like to thank Jim Garrett & Skip Brooks for sharing the 1912 South Bend Letterhead used in this week's column.


Jim Jordan

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

This is a neat 20 minute tour of a world-class Canadian tackle collection.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only i Could Afford Them

This is a REALLY cool piece of folk art from Walker, Minn.

This miniature Izaac Walton The Compleat Angler is superb.

A Ted Godfrey Westminster fly reel is pretty neat.

McMonies creels are very, very rare.

This Heddon Artistic No. 51 in the box is outstanding.

A big Montague Imperial is a wonderful reel.

A Goodwin Granger fly rod will make some fly angler happy.

This Heddon #700 is going to break the bank.

Who wouldn't want an Ed. vom Hofe 8' greenheart fly rod.

I like this folk art painting of a bass taking a fly.

A Turner Spider is cool.

A Diving Honey B in the package is another reason to familiarize yourself with Bagley.

As always, have a great weekend -- and be good to each other, and yourself!

-- Dr. Todd