Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for November 2015



also check out the tournament and other spin reels that were sold by
mullock's auctions
of the UK on Nov 21 st

Italian reels:
Cargem 2-fish (pesci) first version needs cleaning @ 701.77
Atom matte black like new @ 152.17
Gemini 1 like new @ 172.13
Jolly Deluxe gray exc @ 122.50
Jolly Deluxe orange/cream exc @ 117.50
Misquito Kid blue exc @ 204.50
     "           "    orange/cream exc+ @ 157.67
     "           "     gray/blue cup exc @ 100.00
Pelican 75 dark green like new @ 250.00
Atom GOLD some wear @ 105.50
Dorado exc @ 225.00
Joker exc but needs bail spring @ 150.00
Jolly r/h retrieve some wear @ 120.00
Pelican 50 dark brown slight wear @ 147.50
True Temper 322 exc @ 65.00
2000 GOLD like new @ 297.00

Mullock Auctions:
note all values are in USD
the 17% buyers premium is not included in the selling prices !
Dam Quick 330 w/339 tournament spool exc @ 197.04
Hardy Altex no 2 mk V with two tier spool factory ?? exc @ 394.02
mitchell with two tier spool exc @ 287.00
Mitchell w/three tier Wedding Cake style spool  exc @ 606.19
Morritts Intrepid Elite w/two tier spool exc @ 128.81
Allock Felton Crosswind Junior paint wear @ 288.01
Dingley, Walter slight wear @ 272.81
Milward Torpedo r/h retrieve  slight wear @ 303.13
Timsom patent slight wear @ 197.04

More reel from the Bay:
222 first version exc- @ 140.50
225 nib @ 179.29
record 450 sportex exc @ 480.13
5 Japan nib @ 130.00
C33 China nib @ 123.98
gray 55 exc @ 257.29

Dam Quick:
330 w/339 tournament spool exc @ 522.91
5001 nib @ 205.00

Hardy Altex no 2 mk V exc-w/box @132.53
early 4" Malloch brass spool exc @ 182.65
Illingworth no 5 alloy spool exc w/case @ 372.87

Crack 300 fb nib @ 75.00
Centaure 600 exc- @ 162.50 why?

Spool Change nib @ 102.50

350 5/1 foot repainted @ 100.00
508 ewb @ 405.00
508 combo exc @ 305.99
510 exc @ 113.49

430 Deluxe CF blue exc @ 199.00
710 green exc @ 90.99
711 paint removed w/711Z spool @ 101.88
716 nib @ 212.50
722 second version nib @ 76.00

Seamartin mark 11 exc @ 110.10
Seamartin type with Nylon body \wood spool no handle @ 256.91 WOW

Cardinal 3 second version nib @ 255.00
     "        "     "             "         "    @ 280.02
 An Omega 915XL like new @ 63.50

stay tuned next month for more Italian spin reels !!

hope everyone has a great Holiday Season !!!

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for October 2015



Listed as an Abu Cardinal 555? cut-a-way salesman sample exc+ question
is was this a standard model
with the side plate removed ?? it sold @ 99.00

Listed as an Abu Cardinal 33 per seller Grey unpainted rare 1976 exc+
w/wood box for 33CDL foot appears
to be double stamped with S/N 760301
the grey reels are known as test reels by most. one known has 1975
marked on the bottom of the foot.
the problem I have is that the s/n on the foot is marked 760301 which
happens to be for a 33 re-pro
circa 1992.
I did see a grey Zebco cardinal 3 many years ago.
was listed with a starting bid of 500.00 with no bids was re-listed with
a current bid of 310.00 will be re- listed
in my Nov report.

Listed by Morphy auctions thru Ebay was a very Rare Ball-on-Ball spin
reel by Karge and Son of Brockport NY
slight wear and sold @ 425.00 plus a 22% buyers premium .
Airex mastereel 2B light wear @ 10.50
Crack 200 fb e+wb @ 62.00
Flo-Line exc @ 45.25
Fin Nor no 3 exc+ w/case @ 113.50
Heddon Spin-Matic 295 ewb @ 19.99
Mitchell Cap 314 light wear @ 13.39
Shakespeare 1775 cf ewb @ 10.50
St Croix fish machine combo exc @ 17.50

More Reels--------
Abu Matic 170 cf exc @ 42.55
  3E nib @ 400.00
    77 3rd version nib @ 244.07
garcia 520 scf light wear @ 58.99
Suveran S4000M wear on leg/foot @152.00

Centaure Pacic 5 e+wb @ 197.50
Mepps Super Meca slight wear @ 100.00
Punch exc- @ 102.50
Volo exc- @ 65.09

Alcedo 2C/S nib @ 72.00
Rare Ambidexter exc @ 303.55
Coptes Pelican 100A exc @ 183.50
  Ted William 450 ewb @ 61.13
    "      "        510 exc+ @ 107.50
    "        "        551 some wear @ 71.50
    rare 2000 GOLD like new @ 297.00
Orvis 300 exc+ @ 170.50

Jamison no 7 nib @ 50.00

Berkley 4210 UL exc- w/box @ 53.84
Dyko sr101 exc+ @ 22.50

Johnson Pink Princess 100A nib @ 142.50

Garcia 300DL nib @ 1300.00
408 nib @ 240.00
440 nib @ 161.50

420SS exc @ 137.50
704Z exc @ 39.00
706Z exc @ 102.50
710Z exc @119.00
722 nib @ 199.95

2052 first version nib @ 69.00
2062 second version ewb @ 36.00

Recordette 21 aqua slight wear @ 35.01
Record 700 scf e-wb @ 40.00

Van Staal VSB100G FB nib China @ 455.00
winter is on the way

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Fly Reel That Wouldn't Click

The Fly Reel That Wouldn't Click

by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson

A few years back I got an odd letter in the mail — it was a short note that stated that the writer had a very special fly reel and asking if I would be interested in it. That in itself was not strange; the local fly shops keep my name handy for when people bring in old tackle, so I was used to these unsolicited contacts (usually I get emails or phone calls, however). No, what was odd was that the letter was written on what seemed like ancient paper in what can only be described as a classic Palmer script. It was signed “Ronan” in a beautiful flourish and had a phone number written below it.

The phone number as printed read PEL 6621. I was clearly dealing with someone who was VERY old.

I dialed up the number (I have an antique rotary phone on my office desk so I was quickly able to decipher the old alphanumeric phone code, which was last popular in the 1950s) and it rang on the other end several times before a female voice answered. I explained who I was and why I was calling, and that I had gotten a letter with this number. There was a long silence on the other end. “You must be looking for Ronan,” she said in a scratchy tone. I explained that Ronan had written in this letter about a fishing reel I might be interested in. After another long pause, the woman simply said, “the address is 2315 Rose Hill Lane.” Then she hung up. I quickly wrote the address down before I forgot it.

To say I was confused would be an understatement. Was I supposed to meet “Ronan” at this address? When was I supposed to come out there? Were we accidentally disconnected? After thinking for a few minutes, I called back, but no one would pick up the phone.

After puzzling through the odd turn of events, I looked up the address on google and discovered it was in an old part of town only about ten minutes from where I lived. So after about an hour of waffling I decided to get in the car and drive over and see first hand where Ronan and what I presumed was his wife lived.

Ten minutes later, and I’m parked outside a Victorian mansion in an old part of town noted for being the neighborhood where Proctor & Gamble executives lived in the 1920s and 1930s. The house, however, appeared as if it hadn’t been lived in for about three decades. There was a broken window in the upper floor, overgrown weeds everywhere, and the general look (and vibe) was that of the setting of an old Hammer horror film.

As a collector, of course, all I could think about was how old this reel must be, given the living conditions. So I mustered up my courage and walked up to the front door. Just as I was reaching up to knock, the door suddenly swung open, nearly causing me a heart attack. A very, very old woman came out from behind the door. “You’re late,” is all she said, and motioned for me to come in.

I followed her in to the dimly lit foyer (I vaguely remember the door shutting by itself behind me but by this time all of my hair was standing on end anyways, so I may have imagined it). To the immediate right was a classic drawing room, filled with ancient artifacts, antiques, and about fifty years of dust. On a round “pineapple” foot mahogany table sat a single brass fishing reel, with the silk fly line still on it. The old lady motioned toward it with her hand.

Not knowing what to do, I reached over and picked it up. It was a late 19th century British fly reel, one of those small inch-and-a-half diameter solid brass numbers the British were so famous for. It showed a lot of use, but was complete and functional with a solid click, which made it a bit unusual for that style of reel. After turning the handle a half dozen times I put the reel back on the table.

“Well,” I said, clearing my throat and getting ready to tell the old lady what I knew about, “this reel dates from …”

“Take it,” the old lady said, grabbing it up and handing it to me in one sweeping movement.

I was speechless. I just stood there holding the reel for what seemed like five minutes.

“I insist on paying you …”

Again she interrupted me, this time placing a wizened hand on my elbow and gently but firmly turning me towards the front door.

“I don’t want money for it,” she said with finality. “Thank you for your time.”

For the first time in my life I knew what it was like to be dismissed. I walked toward the front door, the little brass reel feeling like a ten pound weight in my hand.

As I got out on to the porch, I turned back and said “Please thank Ronan for me. This is a very nice reel.”

The old woman’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Ronan drowned while fly fishing out east in 1952. He was using this reel when he died.”

Then she shut the door, leaving me standing slack jawed on the porch.

As I drove back home, it was all I could do to keep from shuddering. Why did she write me the letter and sign it with Ronan’s name? It was all so … spooky.

I burst in the door and walked directly into my office so I could read the letter again. I had left it on my desk because I had used the phone number written on it to call from my office.

The letter and the envelope it came in were gone!

I spent a half hour looking for it, to no avail. As I was the only one home, no one else could have touched it but me. It simply … disappeared.

Since I had called the number on my iPhone I still had a record of it, and it took me two days to muster the courage to call it again. But there was no answer, no matter how long I let it ring. For my own sanity I drove by the house, just to make sure I hadn’t gone crazy.

There was a for sale sign in the middle of the yard that wasn’t there two days before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I still have that reel, which I keep in a display case with other early English brass fly reels. I haven’t touched it or cleaned it or done anything to it, and the fly line is still on there.

That’s not the end of the story, though.

About a month after I got the reel,  I was awoken in the middle of the night by what sounded like the slow click of a fly reel … an unmistakeable sound for any fly angler or reel collector. I shrugged it off.

A couple of days later I happened to look at my brass fly reel display, and Ronan’s reel had a couple inches of silk fly line spilling out in front of it that I could have sworn was not there before …

I took out the reel in amazement and began to silently wind in the line. It was at that moment that I remembered that the reel had a strong click. I wound the reel backward and forward, but to this day, it has never made a sound again.

I refuse to take it apart, for fear that i will find that it never had a click to begin with.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for September 2015




Tournament with two tier spool exc starting @ 1,999.99 NO BIDS re-listed

Tournament with three tier spool (WEDDING CAKE) exc starting @ 2,100.00 
re-listed @ 2,250.00 why is the question ??

second version exc+ w/box small rubs on foot SOLD @ 500.00

Garcia 408DL some gold wear start @1,999.99 NO BIDS re-listed @ 1499.99 

410DL special slight gold wear start @ 1,299.99 NO BIDS re-listed at 
same price NO BIDS

300DL w/extra spool some gold wear w/box sold @ 585.00

CAP 3rd version slight wear sold @ 87.00

More Reels of interest:
Rare Dam Quick 330 with two tier  cat no. 339 tournament spool /mpu's 
for field conversion
exc B/N @1,352.40 NO BIDS re-listed start @910.16

3 rare Zangi reels Audex, Pesca-Matic and 3000 all with clear plastic 
salesman sample side plates
Starting @450.00 for all three !!!! NO BIDS !!!!
we were advise by my good friend and ORCA member from Italy Sergio 
DiMarco that there were 15 each of
the side plates for these made by a friend of his and are NOT factory made.
personally me thinks the reels are worth 150.00 each because of the 
rarity with the sideplates
you can be the judge----------------------???

A Zebco Cardinal 3 second version missing medallion, wrong handle knob, 
paint wear
 per seller dirty and can be restored. after 21 bids by 5 bidders the 
selling price was
5,102.00 ya gotta be kidding me did the deal reeeeely go thru ???

A Zebco cardinal 4 repaint olive green with paint chips missing 
medallion and wrong knob
per seller used in good condition ??? was he/she looking at the same 
reel we were ????
it sold @25.00

More reels:
ABU Cardinal 66 rare first version some wear w/early black box @ 311.99

Dam Quick:
110 nib @ 200.00

early Hardy Altex mk 1 with turned down ducks foot  exc- @ 599.25
Hardy Altex no 3 mk V exc w/leather case @ 255.00
kasteasy ewb @ 60.61

Lynx DRP e-wb @ 99.87
Olympic e-wb @ 84.70
spin-in-royal Agal exc- @ 129.50
Wino exc @ 103.57

430 CF nib @ 96.00
700 3rd version nib @ 100.00

ST Croix 1610 scf exc+ @ 82.00

Benora ewb @ 83.99
Berna some wear @ 78.92
Record 50A w/plastic wing nut ewb @ 62.00

3 second version ewb @ 182.50
6 3rd version ewb @ 129.00

Where did summer go ???

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Nostalgic Daddy - Daughter Fishing Video

Well, dang, if this video didn't make me feel all nostalgic …

Wish I had a video camera back then ...

-- Dr. Todd

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for August, 2015



MORE GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY --------------

The Good------------
An Abu 507 scf second version nib sold @ 282.76
A Garcia Mitchell 300DL nib (wood box)  sold @ 1,300.00
A book Mitchell Collector's Reference  Guide #295 BY Dennis Roberts exc-
sold @ 387.00

The Bad-----
Abu Garcia 3X nib buy-it-now @ 1,000.00 NO BIDS
Horrocks-Ibbotson model 1945 listed by seller as a one of a kind
prototype with a starting price @500.00
funny thing is that these were made by Shakespeare and the same as their
model 2052 NO BIDS !!!
How about a Penn 707 nib with a buy-it-now @ 1,199.99  NO BIDS
A shakespeare 2110 silver standard exc+ made in Korea buy-it-now @300.00
No Bids

The Ugly-----------
A Zebco Cardinal 4 RE-paint olive green missing medallion, wrong handle
knob glued spool ? beat !!!!
per seller-good condition cleaned and lubed starting @ 35.00 NO BIDS me
thinks seller should buy some glasses !!

More Reels-----
444A second version nib @ 158.08
Cardinal 66X exc @ 137.36

Vagabond ewb @ 35.99

Dam Quick:
110N nib @ 113.61
110N nib @ 255.00 wow

The Bowell 1/2 bail e-wb @ 155.98
    Altex no 2 mk 5 e+wb @335.55
    Exalta some wear @ 127.99
Helical Twin Super ewb @ 151.30

Crack 100 fb nib @ 81.00
Crack 400 nib @ 108.19

270 e+wb @ 18.27

Alcedo Micron curved leg slight wear @ 122.50
Cargem 402 Silver Fish nib @ 152.50
  Pelican 50 dark green/cream exc @ 278.00
    Pelican 75 dark green/cream slight chrome wear on Handle @ 358.00
Holliday 30 e+wb @ 180.49
      "      60 L/H retrieve e+wb @ 326.00

Brandie Trig-Matic S410 e-wb @ 39.99

second version few paint chips buy now @ 844.00 NO BIDS
Tournament with two tier spool exc- start @ 1,999.00 NO BIDS
300DL w/Box some wear on gold parts @ 620.87

704 second version nib @ 202.50
716 exc @ 152.50
9500SS some wear @ 152.50

1795 cf slight wear @ 32.26
2091 e+wb @ 55.99

South Bend:
23 cf paint wear @ 51.00

Blasi Blue Flash exc @ 95.00
Fix 1/2 bail slight wear @ 14.50

Neat Display rack 12ft long X 32" high complete with 65 reels was
designed by Johnny Garland and
shown at the 2013 FATC show. started @ 2,750.00 NO BIDS
33 Spinner cut-a-way SS slight wear @ 150.00
  3 second version exc+ @ 150.00
  6 3rd version ewb @ 97.00

there were some reels that did sell when sellers accepted best offers
sure wish we could see what they sold for !!
maybe some day Ebay will get their act together !!!???

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for July 2015

JULY 2015


A super rare Seamaster Prototype with skirted spool and odd manual line
pick-up. unfinished aluminum
in exc condition SOLD @ 9,999.00

An Abu Cardinal 77X nib with buy-it-now @ 1,000.00 NO BIDS
Box ONLY for a Penn 707 B/N @ 195.00 NO BIDS
J C Higgins Simpson-Sears no 3335 paint wear b/n @ 299.00 NO BIDS
Shakespeare 2210-11 nib start @229.00 NO BIDS

Custom Garcia Mitchell 300's with wild bright colors with Pearl, gems,
star fish, spiders and others  glued to the
side plates.  prices range from 30.00 to 50.00 with no BIDS and they
have been listed B/4

More Reels:

Abu Cardinal 57 ewb @ 75.00

Airex Spinster second version ewb @ 24.50

Two Trixi's type A both have slight wear @ 73.00 for both

Dam Quick:
Standard 250 FB nib @ 103.50

Allcock The Duplex some wear @ 65.12
    "    Felton Crosswind no 2 ewb @ 95.42
Helical trout size exc w/case @ 133.50
Universal Threadex exc @ 167.27

Centaure exc+ w/plastic case @ 75.00
        "  Pacific green some wear @ 112.50
Ru Atlantic Super ewb @ 61.23

Preciosa DGMA exc @ 151.00
Sportex Speed Spin River some wear @ 190.75

Heddon 204 nib @ 26.33

10 Alcedo medallions various models like new B/N @310.00 NO BIDS
Albatros third version some wear @ 60.98
Alcedo Omnia Deluxe exc+ @ 275.00
Cargem Jolly Deluxe some wear @ 93.25
Cargem stella D'oro some wear @218.19
Linx DRP e-wb @ 90.74
  Zangi 3V second version shiny Black finish exc- wear @ 142.57

Compac Continental e+wb @ 29.95
rare Herters 63A e-wb @ 90.99
Lafayette (mitchell 300 copy) e-wb @ 29.99
Spin Mitey slight wear @ 63.63

850 Deluxe ewb @ 30.00
860 exc @ 24.50

441A nib @ 140.00
909 exc+ @ 132.50

Ocean City 350 yellow exc+ @ 68.00

Otco Slip Cast exc @ 61.50

650SS nib @ 130.31
700 first version exc- with rare early box @ 128.19
701 (700) e+wb @ 124.37
701 (700) NIB @ 47.55
704 second version exc @ 160.80
706Znib @ 162.56

La Dorada Chritin some wear @  174.30

Blasi Blue Flash exc+ @ 99.98
Fix 1/2Bail slight wear @ only 17.15

99 CF Reel-N-Rod combo nip @ 240.00
101  "  "      "    "        "        "    @240.00

A few odd balls:
Budweiser Beer Can rod/reel nip @ 28.00
St Croix Fishing Machine rod/reel exc @ 132.51
Uslan 500 model 1 slight wear @ 167.50

way to many to list that were way over priced !!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for June 2015

JUNE 2015


WHAT'S HOT------------------------
Abu 444 5th version nib  @147.59
A/F Monogram 200-six nib @ 140.49
Alcedo Micron/Coptes dark green/White exc+ @ 210.00
Centaure Pacific 5 exc @ 182.60
Crack Contact 400 gold nib @ 227.00
Dam Quick 1001 nib @ 209.50
Fin Nor no 3 nib w/zipper case @ 460.00
Johnson Pink Princess 100AP CF nib @ 222.00
Penn 716 ewb @ 255.00
Zebco Cardinal 3 third version nib @ 273.00
QTY 4 zero hour Bomb co. CF 1-black, 1-red and two tan spinner heads all
have signs of wear
with one box @ 326.56
50th anniv Zebco 33LTD CF s/n 0097 exc+ w/case -wood base @420.00

WHATS NOT------------(reel deals)
Fin Nor no 3 exc @ 135.55
Herters 83 by Zangi slight wear @ 25.00
Dam Quick 110 ewb @ 56.50
Johnson Pink Princess 100AP slight wear on cap @ 47.97
Langley 820 ewb @ 14.99
Mitchell 330 otomatic nib @ 50.00
Penn 700 first version exc @ 36.00
BLACK Penn 710 minor wear @ 59.06
Phanton Miracle cast B250 Japan nib @ 9.99
Shakespeare 2064/65 cut-a-way SS exc no handle @31.96
odd ball spin flight Hawk X-5A Japan exc @ 13.50
Spotex Ocean 55 Germany exc @ only 75.00
St Croix Range Finder RF-76 CF slight wear @ 8.49

More Reels------
Garcia gold max 507 nib @ 122.50
Garcia 3 gold max clear plastic exc @ 145.50
  33 repro nib @ 172.50
  33CDL repro nib w/original box started @ 700.00 was ended by seller
early why??
Eldorado cf e-wb @ 49.99

Premier deluxe cf Johnson?? nib @ 49.85

GS-9 slight wear @ 65.00

Dam Quick:
2012 nib @ 99.99

Hardy Hardex no 11 mk 11 exc @ 150.00

Freino Pexor exc @ 69.86
Mepps super meca red slight wear @ 99.99

830 ewb @ 51.00
860 ewb @ 28.99

300DL ewb @ 597.87
300 pro e+wb @ 120.00
403 nib @ 83.00
508 rod reel combo slight wear @ 360.55

Ocean City:
310 nib @ 29.99

2062 first version e+wb @ 49.99
Sigma Whisker Titan 2401-040 japan nib @ 79.00

neat NY-O-Lite maroon/white spinning set w/lures and line nib @ 76.00

33 Black cf e-wb @ 88.61
840L Omega nib @ 39.09
870 nib @ 39.00

Last and it was NOT a spinning reel------------------ it was a Penn Model F
exc that sold @ 1676.01 knew I should have keep all those old penn's  I had


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for May 2015

MAY 2015



THE FOLLOWING REELS HAD " NO BIDS"  check out some of these starting or
buy-it-now prices !!
Abu Cardinal 77X nib @ 1500.00
 super rare Alcedo 2C/S salesman sample with clear plastic side plate @
only 14.33 ??
Brandie Trig-matic S410 nib  japan @199.99
funny-Heddon 248 exc but had a large cotter pin for handle knob @ 5.00
Mitchell 408 nib @ 399.99
Ocean City 350 yellow nib @ 125.00
Pflueger Pelican 1020 nib @ 129.98
Shakespeare 2020 exc- @ 1500.00

A few reel deals that sold !
Ferax France exc @ 17.58
Flo-Line nib @ 46.00
Langley cast-flo Deluxe CF exc @ 12.50
two Ocean City 350 yellow exc @ 15.95   Red @ 16.50
Marblehead Mite japan ewb @ 7.99
Penn 700 first version exc @ 32.88
Penn 712 exc @ 26.00
South Bend Futura 101 cf exc @ 9.00
NOT WALTCO NY-O-LITE black/gold exc @ 9.99
Zebco Sterling 7025 exc @ 9.99

More Reels
Abu Cardinals:
3 first version exc- @ 255.99
early 44 version ? nib @ 243.95

Black Vic ewb @ 198.00 wOW

two Buddy 800 one e-wb @ 18.50 one nib @ 30.01

early Allcock Felton Crosswind ewb @ 142.62
Canute exc @ 168.48
  no 2 ewb @ 388.48
  no 4 some wear @ 379.48
  no 5 1/2bail some wear @ 379.48

Centaure pacific 5 exc @ 112.50
Lasso some wear @ 67.00

two Alcedo Micron's both curved leg one ewb @ 127.50 one nib @ 202.50
Niagara Supreme re-paint @ 86.00

Daiwa GS-1 e+wb @ 81.05
Olympic 83 exc @ 128.50 Wow
Regent Champ cf nib @173.29 holy cow
spin mity exc+w/case @ 68.55

3-0-4 1958 e+wb @ 116.96
410DL e+wb @ 465.00
440A Match exc+ @ 160.72

712 metallic brown re-paint @ 112.50
4300SS nib @ 72.00
4500 SS exc @ 51.00

south bend 77 cf e+wb @ 25.99
1810 cf ewb @ 72.00 wow
Pres 11 2810 nmwb @ 100.00

A/I Monogram 150-three e+wb @ 62.57
Cardinal 4 5th version nib @ 201.53
  two zebco 4/ Abu 44 clear plastic saleman sample side plates (no
reels) both nip
one @ 105.00
one @ 158.50 are you kidding me !!!??

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Friday Funhouse (Lang's Edition)

In honor of our semi-annual Lang's Week, I humbly offer to you my 12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them, Lang's edition. Remember to register for Lang's which is holding auctions Saturday and Sunday!

This is about as historical a lure as you’re going to find: the Jeanette Hawley Heddon minnow.

Who wouldn’t like a Shapleigh minnow in the box!

A Howe’s Vacuum Bass Bait in the tin is superb.

I like Shakespeare Kazoo Bugs.

This Harrison hook sample kit is great.

Who wouldn’t love this Knowles Tuna reel?

An Arthur Walker prototype reel is incredible.

This Meek & Milam #2 is cool.

These cow horn reels are just flat out amazing.

Who wouldn’t love Bill Edwards personal fly rod.

Love these torpedo buckets.

The Artistic is a fantastic bait.

As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself.

— Dr. Todd

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

John Elder sent this video in of some huge bass being caught in San Diego … note how low the reservoir is!

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This Nifty Minnow box is nice.

Can’t beat this nice Kosmic reel.

This Bates Serpentine is unreal.

A Case Rotary Marvel is a great find.

Who wouldn’t like a Bagley B1 in this color!

A Meek #2 Tournament is a blast.

I like this Jennings Torpedo a lot.

Conroy, Bissett & Malleson reels are super cool.

A Charmer Minnow is always a charming find.

This CCBC Tarpon Pikie in the box is a classic combo.

The A&F Passport is a really cool little rod.

These little Montague fly reels are really climbing in price.

As always, have a great weekend — and be nice to each other, and yourself.

— Dr. Todd

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Fishing Photographer with Doug Bucha

Just wanted to keep up with Bill Sonnett when it comes to fishing with antique fishing tackle. I caught these two trout north of Dowagiac today, using my old Alcedo Micron ultralight reel mounted on an old five foot ultralight buggy whip. The reel has given me a lot of trouble free service for over fifty years and it still works like a jewel. I've owned this reel since I was a kid.

Good fishing with old tackle,

Doug Bucha

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report for April 2015

APRIL 2015

WHERE DID SPRING GO ????????????????


Abu Cardinal 33CDL RE-PRO NIB SOLD @740.00
DAIWA GS-1 EWB SOLD @ 180.50

Abu cardinals:
 two-33 re-pro' s both nib one @ 174.99 one @ 187.50
66 second version ewb @ 178.60
57 nib @ 202.50
rare garcia 855 (55 prototype?) made in Sweden slight wear @ 255.00

FB spinster 417 mk V1 nib @ 37.00
mastereel cat 310 nib @ 81.00

7350H-RL salesman sample plastic side plate exc @ 45.00

no 2 exc- with case @ 366.02
no 2 exc with case @ 371.13
no 2 some wear no case @ 497.80
no 3 exc with case @ 335.60
no 3 exc with case @ 380.66
note all above have exposed gears !
no 4 wear with box @ 261.77
no 5 mpu e-wb @ 480.79

Crack 100 second version nib @ 125.00
Centaure Pacific exc w/plastic case @ 40.00
Bretton 400r nib @ 19.78

Two Micron's curved leg both exc one @ 107.50  one @ 127.50
Mark V ewb @ 306.00
Orvis 50A factory MPU exc @ only 95.00
Orvis 50A FB like new @ 182.50
Orvis 100A exc+ @ 122.50

H/I classic 250 exc w/1/2 of box @ 31.14
Lews Speed Spin 1 ewb @ 61.00
Tina Mite some wear @ 76.11
Orvis 3 spin ewb @ 26.61

rare second version exc+ @ only 163.10
Quartz gold 330 ltd ewb @ 232.00
book Collectors reference guide by Dennis Roberts #196 @ 195.00

820GB ewb box marked 820G @ 30.99
870 nib @ 20.50

Ocean City:
350 yellow/white nib @ 52.51

1756 CF nib @ 53.70
two 1870's both have slight wear @ 103.50 for both

55 CF e+wb @ 31.99
860 nib @ 81.15

A few other reels:
Martin 103 nib @ 56.55
ranger Line Tamer exc @ 104.53
NY-O-LITE ( not Waltco) black/gold exc @ only 19.02
Last was a neat 1968 OLd Pal  Catalog fishing stuff exc @ 22.21

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

This is a cool 1970s video of the great Charlie Brewer bass fishing in Mexico in the 1970s.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Early Pflueger Wizards are cool baits.

This Chapman is ultra rare.

This is a pretty sweet Pflueger Worth in the box.

Well, for once this isn’t false advertising — this Vamp is A1 great.

These little Shakespeares are awesome.

This is a sweet Winchester underwater minnow.

Love this Tycoon rod!

This Jitterbug is sweet.

Old Pflueger Medalists are skyrocketing in price.

Water Wave (Everready) is one of the weirdest lure colors ever.

You won’t find a nicer JVH fly reel than this one!

As always, have a great weekend, be good to each other — and yourself!

— Dr. Todd

Monday, April 6, 2015

In the News ... Duane Peterson of Northland Tackle

Some new names are inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame … including Duane Peterson. He is one of the more underrated figures in modern tackle history, having founded Northland Tackle Co. in 1975 in Minnesota. Northland is an interesting company that innovated a lot of cool tackle over the years, but I always think fondly about them because as a precocious little kid in 1979 I used to write him letters asking him questions about tackle. He always responded. Now, I wrote a hundred letters to every tackle company I could find an address for, usually asking for catalogs and sending along a few questions. It’s surprising how few took the time to write back. So the fact Duane took the time to write a snot-nosed little kid is cool in my book.

Anyway, congrats to Duane for this honor (he was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2012). And thanks for writing back to a little kid!

— Dr. Todd

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

This is a cool video of surf fishing in the 1960s

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This Bogdan #50 Light Salmon Fly Reel iS AWESOME.

A Hardy St. George Multiplier is oh so rare.

A 1910 Heddon Black Sucker is nice.

An ABU Cardinal 33 in the box is a nifty reel.

A B.F. Meek #2 tournament is pretty rare.

How often do you see a Radium Minnow?

This Kent Frog is super rare!

Heddon wood Punkinseeds are always popular.

Even beat up these Arbogast Pikes are cool.

A nice Tadpolly in the box is a fun find.

This Heddon Pukninseed is in a cool color.

A Shakespeare Revolution is always a nice find.

As always, have a great weekend — and be good to each other, and yourself.

— Dr. Todd