Monday, June 1, 2009

News of the Week: 01 June 2009

S*x, dr*gs and fishing tackle...NYC loses fisherman's paradise...Ted Williams' personal fishing tackle is purloined at an auction preview...Britain's most popular Osprey lose their fishing tackle...dock courtesy...a big carp story...Virginia has two new state records...The NY Times reviews a new fishing book...Hogfish need love do Monkfish...the Catch-All lure...Antigua angling...a famed Colorado guide is dead...our beloved Bernie Schultz gets must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The Times (London) gives us sex, drugs, and fishing tackle.

New York CIty loses its fisherman's paradise.

Ted Williams fishing tackle is stolen from an auction preview!

The future of fishing is in these peoples' hands.

Relief in Britain: two ospreys gain celebrity status by shedding their fishing tackle.

One man's touts Grey's fishing tackle...

The Herald Zeitung declares dock courtesy the mantra of the day.

Chicago's Southtown Star reports on a big carp released.

A monster tilefish may be an unofficial VA record.

Virginia may also have a new record blue catfish.

The New York Times (again) reviews a book on the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.

A Hudson Valley, New York writers pens his fifth book on fishing.

The beauty of the Hogfish .

The legend of the record hammerhead shark.

Building a better bait cooler.

The Catch-All lure may live up to its name.

Monster aquarium bass dies.

Fishing with the reliable Rooster Tail.

Hawaii woman fishes for $1 million.

Should you break out the prized fishing rod?

From the Jamaica Kincaid Would Not Be Happy Files: Fishing in Antigua .

The mighty, mighty Monkfish .

The story of the Sick Sucker.

Remembering Jerry Craig, first legal fishing guide on the upper Colorado.

The Sucker Spawn Fly is a deadly fish catcher.

Angling for the short nose gar...

Finishing With a Flourish: Bernie Schultz--and antique tackle collecting--get a boost from ESPN.

-- Dr. Todd

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