Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Review: The Summer 2009 NFLCC Gazette

Thursday Review: The Summer 2009 NFLCC Gazette

June brings many a bride to the alter, the coming of bass season in Northern Wisconsin, and the summer edition of The NFLCC Gazette.

This issue brought some interesting articles. Noted outdoor writer Robbie Pavey weighs in with "A Better Mousetrap for Fish," which chronicles some of the bizarre ways in which people have attempted to create new (and often dangerous) ways in which to catch a fish. Seriously, it amazes me the manner in which some people considered catching fish. Some of them are positively deadly.

A particularly heartwarming story comes from Theodore Everett Peterson, the son of the founder of Bar Lake Ice Spearing Decoys. Peterson recounts how the late George Richey, former editor of The Gazette, interviewed and wrote about this firm. It's a great story and brought back the memory of the George Richey I knew to life. Fortunately for all of us, it's the first of two parts.

Joe Nelson, another former Gazette editor, weighed in with "The Picture Doesn't Always Tell the Story," a neat account of how he came to own not one but TWO Jamison Musky Nemos.

The Good Ol' Boys--Warren Platt and Bill Sonnett--give us an awesome article on fishing vintage gear. "Old Time Fishin' Tournaments" recounts their experiences with the Old Time Tackle Bass Tournament and Lure Swap Meet, a tradition dating back over 20 years. They also give some nice advice on what gear to use.

Gregg Stockey, author of the excellent book Guests at the Buck Falls Club gives us a great story of how he came to fill a Pachner & Koller Salesman's Sample Kit. It gives us great insight into the breadth of this fascinating company.

The return of "It's Still Out There" gives us Gerald Garrett's story of how he persevered by running an advertisement in the paper for a year without a response. When a response came, BINGO! What a find.

Allen Dobson contributed a neat piece entitled "Bob's Baits" about these Canadian-made spinners. I'd always wondered about the patented slip-stream treble hook, and now I have some great information thanks to Allen. Well done.

Finally, Fred Sweeney gives us the very good "Production Years for the Creek Chub's Original Series & Their Catalog Colors, Part 1" which details information on this popular subject.

The Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming, and is the oldest publication devoted to tackle collecting and angling history. It is an official publication of the NFLCC.

-- Dr. Todd

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