Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Poll Results: Tackle Prices

Sunday Poll Results: Tackle Prices

More feedback from the Lang's auction comes in the surprising results from the Sunday Poll. Two things surprised me about this poll; first, that 16% of collectors felt the market for antique tackle was weak. I just don't see the evidence to support this. The latest Lang's auction reached $1.4 million, just $100,000 below the High Estimate. That is not the sign of a weak tackle market, and is all the more remarkable in light of the weakened world economy. In light of this, it was gratifying to me to see that nearly 30% felt that the market was either average, above average or strong. All very interesting.

This week's poll asks how many sporting collectables shows you attend in any given calendar year. My thanks to everyone who emailed and posted on this fascinating topic! You haven't heard the last of it yet.

-- Dr. Todd

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