Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Profile of a Fishing Lure Artist: Ramón-Singer

Profile of a Fishing Lure Artist: Ramón-Singer

Several times I have run across the artwork of Texas-based painter Ramón-Singer, who specializes in painting watercolors of fishing lures. Some of you may recognize the name as he was kind enough to let me reprint some of his personal knowledge of Corpus Christi fishing tackle on the blog. For a bit of information on his background and life, I reprint a blurb he sent me recently:

Ramón-Singer has been a lure collector for over twenty-five years. The beauty of lures inspired the collector to paint watercolors of various makers. Each watercolor is a one of a kind. When you own a painting – you are the only one to own that painting. No prints have been made. Over 200 paintings have been sold to lure and art collectors around the United States as well as Puerto Rico. Paintings are hung in offices, homes, lure rooms, and other places. Lure related art allows the lure collector to express their love for the hobby. Enjoy your painting.

I really enjoy his style of painting, and can imagine having a collection of Bingos or Humps surrounding a framed painting would make for an ideal display. But don't take my word for it; George Terrebonne sent me an unsolicited email long before I had gotten in touch with Ramón-Singer and wrote the following:

Thank you for mentioning Ramon Singers work in your blog. I collect, buy, sell and trade Bingo and related lures. For the last few years I have also purchased a number of his watercolors. My friends and I want to encourage Ramon and other artists who portray lures and fishing items in their work and we are always happy to see them get credit. He is quite talented and has some unusual paintings. Hopefully we will see him and other artists in this area get more exposure.

I couldn't agree more with George. This is an untapped area of collecting, and one that I fully encourage.

For those interested in seeing some of Ramón-Singer's work, you can contact him via email at rsmysketch AT hotmail DOT com.

-- Dr. Todd

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