Monday, November 3, 2008

News of the Week: 03 November 2008

Fishing can get us through trying economic times...a practice cast that goes horribly awry...making your own spoons...a mystery walleye is caught in Cayuga all-nighter by the shoreline...Stu Apte on bass fishing...a British tackle shop owner gets the gift of a fossil...a Brit goes ice fishing in North Dakota...the lost art of shoreline lunches...the marlin world record holder passes away at must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

BREAKING NEWS: Tom "Toledo" Amstutz, noted football coach and NFLCC member, is stepping down as coach of the Toledo Rockets. Maybe he'll take the Cincinnati Bengals job when it comes open in the off season? I'm sure I'm just one of many, many people to wish Tom the best of luck in his newest endeavors.

The Big Lead: How fishing can help us all through the credit crunch.

From The Times (London) comes a story of how a practice cast nearly ended in disaster.

The Miami Herald tells us the bonefish census is starting to take off.

I guess fishing in Britain must be more hazardous than in America...

Or not. The tragic story of a missing angler on Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota.

How making your own spoons can help you catch more fish.

The mysterious walleye of Cayuga Lake.

These two retirees are all about angling.

How to pull an all-nighter by the shoreline.

Just in time for Halloween, the fishing near Grand Island is "scary good."

The great Stu Apte tells us how to stalk the ol' Bucketmouth.

A British tackle shop is gifted...a fossil???

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports on the thrills of fly fishing.

My hometown Duluth NBC affiliate profiles the Great Lakes Fly Company.

Wales On-Line reflects nostalgically on the poachers of yore.

Dave Richey opines on trolling for steelhead.

Families bond with fishing.

A British writer goes ice fishing on North Dakota's Devil's Lake.

A press release on selecting the right kind of fishing rod.
A Canadian angler's last cast hooks a monster sturgeon.

One writer thinks flies are just fine and dandy, thank you.

The lost art of the shore-line lunch.

Researchers search for answers on the Bluefin Tuna.

Finishing with a Flourish: Alfred C. Glassell, world record Marlin holder, passes away at 95.

-- Dr. Todd

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