Monday, November 17, 2008

News of the Week: 16 November 2008

Fishing from a canoe can be great sport...the tackle box blues...tis the season for Potomac anglers help science to track the dolphinfish...spinner shark California fly shop closes as another ones opens its doors...the insanity of surf casting...Paul Clay's custom made fishing lures...night fishing for snook...Kazakhstan is excited about the recovery of Canada's White fly fishing teaches us valuable must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: How fishing from a canoe is both lucrative and fun.

The Albany Herald is singin' the tackle box blues.
The Jacksonville Times-Union has the remedy for sick tackle.

'Tis the season for Potomac Perch.

Annapolis natives are positively pumped up about fall fishing.

How anglers are helping scientists track the dolphinfish.

Get your rod, as Oak Grove trout won't jump in the pan by themselves.

The joys of Spinner Shark fishing...

From the Sad Files: After 31 years Soquel's famed Ernie's Casting Pond is closing its doors.

From the Good News Files: Fly fishing guide Peter Piconi will open a new fly tackle store, SoCal Fly Fishing Outfitters, in San Diego.

Noted fly angler and publisher Grey Fitzgerald has died at 86.

On the insanity of surf casting.

Duct tape and paper clips are one writer's emergency rod repair kit.

Chilicothe's Paul Clay is the man who loves to make lures.

Remembering an angling Irishman was also a decorated war veteran.

A Norfolk angler catches a record barbel.

If you like snook, try fishing for them at night.

Two musky anglers stage a massive come back to take the WMT championship. has a question: does anyone want a slightly used fly reel?

The Dunn County News has a tip for deer hunters: don't forget the salmon rod.

Stuart Fraser of The Scotsman breaks a rod while fishing.

From Kazakhstan comes news of the recovery of the White Sturgeon in Canada. At first I couldn't think of why the Kazakhs might be interested in this, but then I remembered they were one of the world's leaders in caviar exports...

Finishing With a Flourish: How fly fishing teaches you real life lessons.

-- Dr. Todd

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