Monday, November 10, 2008

News of the Week: 09 November 2008

A fishing village in Japan has a connection to the 85 pound salmon is found floating in a stream...Picayune fly tiers get profiled...Oregon bamboo fly rod maker Daryll Whitehead does too...the beauty of the Chum fishing legend George Grant passes at does Montauk charter legend Bob Tuma...a dire future for Lake Chad...a drunk, a bowling ball, and a tackle must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEEK!

The Big Lead: President-Elect Obama will face these environmental issues during his presidency.

Speaking of election news, the residents of the small Japanese fishing village of Obama dress in hula gear to celebrate the new American president.

In a frequently emailed story to Fishing for History, an 85 Pound salmon carcass is found floating in a creek.

Long Island fishermen are finding the times are tough.

Local Picayune fly tiers uncover the art of fly fishing.

On the overlooked Chum Salmon.

The International Fly Dressing Fair at Stoke-on-Trent shows that Britain still makes fishing tackle that would make their ancestors proud.

The Statesmen Journal profiles bamboo rodmaker Daryll Whitehead.

An Ohio transplant takes his unique angling style to the West Coast.

Idaho author Chris Hunt has a new book of fly fishing essays.

From blog reader Bill McManis of Bozeman: "Southwest Montana just lost (Sun) a great fly fisher/tyer, George Grant at the age of 102. George Grant saved the famous Big Hole river from being dammed and instrumental in many good things for the Big Hole. Like Dan Bailey and the Yellowstone river or Bud Lilly on the world famous Madison river near Yellowstone park, George Grant will go down in history as a fly fisherman's friend."

The tale of a battling bass.

The Census of Marine Life is already paying dividends.

How the new Castaic swimbait might be revolutionizing musky fishing.

The Asbury Park Press opines on the saltwater angler license.

The Stamford Advocate tells us the Northeastern winter is a good time for angling shows.

Bruiser trout swim the waters of upstate New York.

In the Lake Erie region, angling tourism dollars are running scarce.

A monster fish tale.

The Las Vegas Sun reports on an angler celebrating his 45 years on the going fishing, naturally.

In Nigeria, experts fret over the fish population and futureof Lake Chad.

Long-time Montauk charter boat captain Bob Tuma passes away at 85.

Why Spanish Mackerel are a pier favorite.

Finishing with a Flourish: What do you get when you combine a man arrested 41 times for public drunkenness, a bowling ball, a forty-ounce beer, and a tackle box? Click here to find out.

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