Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lang's Week, Part 2

Lang's Week, Part 2

Gary Smith is the assistant editor of the NFLCC Magazine and an exceptionally savvy collector. Here are his thoughts:

I am overwhelmed with the variety and the sheer volume of flies tied by Helen Shaw and offered in this Lang auction. For those who appreciate quality vintage flies, this is a great opportunity to acquire one (or more?) by a true master, Helen Shaw. I thought it rather poignant to read the quote by Arnold Gingrich, another individual I admire. He was overwhelmed with a gift of 100 Helen Shaw flies. I would be delighted to own just one.


Joe Nelson is the former editor of the NFLCC Gazette and a truly knowledgeable collector. Here are his picks:
Here is a list of the items that intrigued me in the up coming sale @ Lang's.......If I could afford them I would try to buy them all...LOL........Best Joe
1. #565 Thomas H. Bate's Catalog from "1867" I believe this will sell over estimate, this is one if not the rarest catalogs ever offered for sale in my humble opinion.

2. #1323-24 Two Unreal Talbot Fly reels marked A&F

3. #1871 Turner Casting Bait (never seen this bait with the weight ever) the box I have seen one other.

4. #2007 Duke's Dixie Minnow, this bait is to cool. The name alone makes it cool, one of the unique lures in the auction.


Ron Hanley's collecting acumen is legendary. Few people have an eye for true value as Ron, and he has made some inspired choices.

It was also difficult to leave out ANY one of Larry Molleman's Indiana style reels. There are some that will be very affordable and a great addition to your collection. I have tried to pick items that any Collector could afford.
1092-Pflueger Bobber display on card. Here is an affordable Bobber display from a great company.

 1208- Early floating Torpedo Minnow Bucket-This is a Classic Minnow Bucket that would fit anyone's collection. People that don't care for minnow bucket's will like this one.

 1244-Knickerbocker leather fishing tackle box. Everyone should own at least one  leather tackle box.

1740-Talbot Meteor German Silver Casting Reel-Everyone should at least hold in their hand & spin a Talbot reel. Here is one you can afford.

1810-Old Indian Wood Lid Splint Work Fishing Creel. This creel is not flashy like the leather trimmed creels, but is a classic, early design.

Tomorrow: Even more experts weigh in!

-- Dr. Todd

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