Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Voices from the Past: Robert Page Lincoln (1919)

As many of you know, one of my all-time favorite writers is Robert Page Lincoln. A multi-talented writer, he was also a gifted poet. The following poem, entitled The Angler, was published in an anthology of fishing poems called Fishermen's Verse in 1919. 

How happy he, who by fine cultured art, 

Plies him a line upon a silvery stream— 

Takes him therefrom a newly ventured theme,
And fair to speak hath change of mind and heart!
        Whose gentle wrist shall to a fly impart 

         Semblance to living—being so, shall seem 

To the brook eyes, nor fancy, nor a dream—
And so beguile by crafty counterpart!

He shall of faith in ample store be given;
Wedlock to peace—the hand of darling joy,
Sunshinest mood—the cleansing spirit of heaven,
And so betimes due gracefulness employ.
For him the gods shall favor and repay,
Make life and death, all one, a golden day!

-- Dr. Todd

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