Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Voices from the Past: The Newton Line Co. (1939)

The following blurb came from the March 1939 Sporting Goods Dealer shows a very cool Newton Line Co. display. The article, entitled "Newton Display Sells Tackle," noted:

A handsome and ingenious display, which may be made the center of a window setting or used on the counter, has been supplied to its dealers by the Newton Line Company, Homer, N.Y. Shipped flat, the display opens to 28 inces in length, seven deep, and 15 1/2 high, providing the platforms on which Newton lines may be displayed along with reels, a fly-box and baits, to aid the dealer in making extra sales of accessories when lines are being sold. The display is printed on heavy cardboard in bright red, blue, and yellow.

It's a very nifty display and one I wish I could see in color!

-- Dr. Todd

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