Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Favorite Crossroads Angling Auction Items from This Weekend's Auction

Crossroads Angling is having its annual spring sale this weekend, and I thought I'd chip in with my ten favorite items from their great catalog (available now on-line). So here they are, in no particular order:

This Vom Hofe Perfection 360 is just incredible!

As a collector of A&I reels, I love this one a lot.

You just don't see many Acme Wire Reels sold…

I do love this C.F. Orvis reel in the box!

This is one huge Kovalovsky reel.

The only known Vom Hofe "Little Joker" will do very well, I'm sure…

This 1898 A&I catalog is pretty damn cool.

A Miller's Reversible in the box is always a great find.

The Night Radiant Bait is the coolest uncatlogued Heddon lure you'll find.

The Masterlure 8" popper in the box should make the salties happy.

Crossroads Angling's auction is this weekend, and you can register and bid on-line by clicking here, or if you're in New Jersey, you can attend the auction in person!

-- Dr. Todd

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