Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hooked on Paper with Michael Koller: Wisconsin Fishing Regulations

One of the first forms of fishing paper I collected were fishing regulations. While I have various states regulations, I mostly have Wisconsin Fishing Regulations. The earlier regulations were called Laws and while they are still the law they now call them regulations. My collection of Wisconsin reg's starts with 1935 and runs until the present. It was my understanding the first year that there were Wisconsin reg's were 1935. In correspondence with Allen Soczka member NFLCC I'm told there are a good many  earlier years. He indicates a 1911, 1913, and nine other years prior to 1935. He also thinks there are three other years not mentioned. If any reader knows more concerning Wisconsin reg's please let me know -
Many of the reg's list two years such as 1935-1936 or 1936-1937. Many of the reg's list a single year such as 1943, 1944, 1945 etc. Some years covers are in color while other years are in black and white.The graphics on the Wisconsin Regulations I have are  outstanding. See for yourself.

-- Mike Koller

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