Tuesday, April 16, 2013

APRIL 2013 Fishing for History Magazine!


NOTE: If you have trouble downloading this issue, email us at fishingforhistory@yahoo.com and we will have it sent to you via WeTransfer.com.

The April 2013 issue of The Fishing for History Magazine is up and ready to be downloaded! We have added some new regular columnists, including Patrick Daradick on Canadian Fishing Tackle, Michael Koller on Fishing Ephemera, Doug Bucha on Fishing Photography, and James Jordan on fishing and tackle letterheads!

This issue features the following articles:

-- Bill Sonnett on Shakespeare Mice

-- Gary Miller on Ice Out

-- Steve Lumpkin on Grapples

-- Big Nemo on Displaying Tackle Tips

-- John Etchieson on The U.S. Line Co.

-- Dick Braun on the Zebco

-- Finn Featherfurd on Fishing Facts Magazine history

-- Patrick Daradick on Millsite in Canada

-- Tom Jacomet details Eisenhower Fishing in Wisconsin

-- Dr. Tim O'Brien opines on the Swordfish

-- Harold Dickert on a vintage bobber

-- Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report from March 2013

-- Robert Ellis on the Bronson Take-Aparts

-- G. Buckley Juhasz on Getting Flies out of Trees

-- Annotated Catalogs: Frankfurth Misc. Tackle (1919)

-- Photo Essay: Fishing Lantern Slides

-- Collection of the Month: Michael Simon's Artwork

-- Fishing Photography with Doug Bucha

-- Full Page Ads

-- The Fishing News of the Month

-- 1000 Words

-- Focus on Full Page Ads

-- The UNID Files

-- Lost Patents: Hanke Powerhook (1957)

-- Voices from the Past: Charles Davis Pratt, W.T.J. Lowe, South Bend

A spectacular issue! Note that is 18.2 megs and will take some time to download! Download the April Issue for free until May 10th!

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