Saturday, October 4, 2008

The UNID Files #7: The Case of the Florida Flasher

UNID FILES #7: The Case of the Florida Flasher

Here's another UNID from Joe Stag. When Stag can't ID something, it's pretty much an X-Files kind of mystery...we're talking deep government conspiracy here. Anyway, here's what he has to say about it:

Here's one for your "What the hell am I" files.........As you can see, 2 different sizes, both having a soldered face plate with a hole for a line tie. Top one is stamped PAT APPLIED FOR, botttom is stamped SILVER FISH PAT APPLIED FOR. Both came in a lot of both salt and freshwater tackle, but predominantly saltwater.....from the Miami area, along with Teasers and Tarpalunges, pretty much late 20's, 30's and 40's era. I'll bet they wiggle pretty good, but I'm thinking that they were used in conjunction with some type of bait, whole or cut, or some type of chum maybe? The fact that it has a name and patent applied for is intriguing to me.

So, anyone out there who can give Stag a hand on this? I definitely think its a saltwater dodger/flasher of some kind. Perhaps some of our coastal friends have seen it before. Email me and I'll pass the info on to Joe if you have any thoughts.

-- Dr. Todd

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Anonymous said...

Hello to the good Dr.! I am a newbie to the blog an find it fascinating... almost addictive! That said, I have been going through the older articles and stumbled across this one showing the UNID File #7. I am a fourth generation owner of a music store and without the aid of better pictures I could almost swear that they look like pipe tops from a pipe organ! If you still have contact with the owner of these UNID I would love to get a few more pics.
Thank you for the wonderful reading and the sharing of your vast knowledge of fishing history. Bravo and a job well done.
Tight lines,
Jason Cannon