Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Poll Results: What do you primarily collect?

Sunday Poll Results: What do you primarily collect?

Another Sunday poll with really surprising results! The question was what you primarily collect, and the answers I have to admit shocked me a bit. The unsurprising part: 70% of collectors are into the old classics, wooden lures (likely with glass eyes). Also not surprising is that 40% are into fishing reels.

But what did surprise me is that Paper & Ephemera was at 20%, meaning one out of five collectors polled actively look for catalogs, ads, etc. If you add the 13% that collect fishing books, you have a really nice segment of the collector world who are into paper. I was frankly surprised. Also making a strong showing was bobbers, at 13% or roughly one of eight.

The one mistake I made in the poll was not to include fly rod lures. Next time I run this, I will make certain to include this category.

The full results of the poll are here:

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-- Dr. Todd

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