Monday, October 13, 2008

News of the Week: 13 October 2008

Fishing show host who discovered UFO at Roswell in 1947 dies...bass angler with no arms and legs becomes an inspiration...NFLCC member and Toledo Rockets Coach Tom Amstutz has his biggest win ever by upsetting Michigan...the return of the Paddlefish...the search for old lures continues in Texas...Rapala is trying to buy back its own shares...why you should always bring Kate McLaren with you when you fish...a neat piece of Gadabout Gaddis history...rodmaker Haskell Bullard passes...St. Joe angler lands a trout on a stick...two Kiwis engage in a knife fight over fishing spot...NFLCC and ORCA member Jack Bright passes must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: New Mexico outdoor show host Frank Joyce--also known as the first man on the scene at the infamous "Roswell Incident" purported UFO crash in 1947--has passed away at the age of 85. No word on whether aliens have come to claim the body.

A bass fishermen with no arms and no legs has become an inspiration to millions.

Lure collector and Toledo football coach Tom Amstutz pulls off the biggest upset of his career when he goes into the Big House and beats mighty Michigan 13-10. Go Rockets!

One man's skein of life is a string of monofilament.

The ultimate sport fish in Anchorage is... steelhead ?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks of the efforts to restore the Paddlefish to local waters.

Art Chapman of the Star-Telegram reports on the search for vintage fishing lures in Texas.

A bibliography of the writings of the great Lefty Kreh.

The Fishing Musician Mickey Melchiondo gets more press.

Rapala VMC is still working hard to buy back its own shares.

The Lahaina News reports on some of the most impressive big game fishing feats.

Australia is holding a Big Bream Round-Up.

The East Hampton Star reports on a freight-train run of blues.

The Cape May Herald reports that the fishing is fine.

A mystery angler lands a massive salmon in the River Tyne.

Why you should never go fishing without Kate McLaren.

An Albany Times Union writer has a neat piece of Gadabout Gaddis history.

The Wisconsin DNR tells us we don't have to live with the Rusty Red Menace.

From the Next Big Thing Files: Australia's Tassie Devil Lures sell 400,000 per stop: America?

Noted custom rodmaker and mail-order tackle distributor Haskell Bullard passes away.

This discontinued Ross fly reel finds a convert.

One of my all-time favorite places--Anna Marie Island--gets profiled for its fishing.

From the Who Needs A Rod Files: One St. Joe River angler forgets his rod; lands beauty on a stick instead.

From the Fishing Must Have Been REALLY Good Files: Two Kiwis get in knife fight over fishing spot.

Finishing with a (Sad) Flourish: Beloved NFLCC and ORCA member (and frequent contributor to this blog) Jack Bright passes away. I will miss you my friend.

-- Dr. Todd

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