Thursday, October 9, 2008

A New Bamboo Fishing Rod Magazine: The Bamboo Journal

A New Bamboo Fishing Rod Magazine: The Bamboo Journal

I just ran across a new endeavour by the Italian Bamboo Rodmaker's Association entitled The Bamboo Journal: The IBRA Online Newsletter. This journal is the product of a dedicated group of Italian and other European rodmakers who have put together what looks like a really promising new magazine. Edited by Alberto Azzoni, it covers the European rodmaking world in depth and offers a lot for rodmakers and rod collectors alike.

The inaugural issue has much of interest, including a profile of Danish rodmaker Bjarne Fries, perhaps best known for crafting rods with bamboo ferrules. For collectors there is a great piece entitled "The C.C. De France Rod by J.J. Hardy" written by Robert Natali. There is also a charming piece on the late Walter Brunner, the esteemed Austrian rodmaker.

Overall, this is a very neat look at the state of rod making from "across the pond," and it is highly recommended for anyone with a passing interest in both making, collecting, and fishing bamboo fly rods. I look forward to reading future issues.

-- Dr. Todd

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