Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Worst Packaging Ever???

Worst Package Ever?

I just had to post this. 20 minutes ago my mailman showed up and handed me two packages. He says, "you're not going to like one of these."

I put the square box down and look at the wonderful package in the mail. I am showing the back side so as not to show the person's address--but suffice to say I knew immediately from the heft and by the fact the handle was sticking through the package that indeed, he has mailed me a reel in a bubble cushion envelope.

And not just a reel, but a pretty scarce Winchester fly reel at that. I mean, really...have you ever had a fishing reel mailed WITHOUT ANY WRAPPING (yes, that is exactly how it came out of the package) in just an envelope folded over??? I am flabbergasted. DOes this happen a lot? I know others buy a WHOLE LOT more tackle than I do, but I've got a plus feedback rating on eBay of nearly 4000 and not once have I ever had something like this occur before. Wild. It is amazing that there appears to be no major damage to the reel.

Just to balance it out, the other package was a heavy cardboard box wrapped in bulk thick paper, and each of the four reels separately wrapped with bubble wrap. Little chance these were going to get damaged.

So does this actual happen or did I just hit the lottery today?

-- Dr. Todd

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Frome said...

I can top least yours was unharmed. In my early days of ebay and collecting, I was primarily buying reels but I happened on a great combo, a mint rod and reel, a nice deal too, money-wise. I get the package and its a long triangle box and a square box at the bottom...well you would assume the bottom...the reel, well packed in newspaper(heavy) and a nice stout box, all taped up to the TIP END! There was and has been a permanent bend in that rod! I hollered at the seller and fussed but that was a done deal back in the old days. I think I still have the rod and reel. I remember a post at "Joes" that helped me staighten it, with a hair dryer.