Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dr. Todd's Election Post: 101 Reasons Why You Should Vote

101 Reasons Why You Should Vote

by Dr. Todd E.A. Larson


There are many reasons to vote in the upcoming election, but I take exception to the idea that you must vote this election day because of the magnitude of the event. Sure, the upcoming presidential election is important, but so is every single election day. The argument that you simply have to vote on Nov. 04 implies that in some years you can be excused for taking the day off, so to speak, from the electoral process.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is imperative that you vote in every election, whether it is local, state or national—including this coming Tuesday. And if you need a reason, I’ll give you 101 of them.

(1) Vote because you love your nation.

(2) Vote because you’re disenchanted with your country.

(3) Vote because if you don’t, someone else’s vote has more power than it should.

(4) Vote because hundreds of thousands of men and women have died for your right to exercise your political freedoms.

(5) Vote because your mother and father did, and you honor them (and their memory) at the ballot box.

(6) Vote because you want change.

(7) Vote because you want to keep the status quo.

(8) Vote because if you don’t, you will never have the right to complain.

(9) Vote because the Ancient Greeks coined the word “idiot” to denote someone not interested in the political affairs of the nation.

(10) Vote because there are people who actively don’t want you to.

(11) Vote because there are people who work tirelessly (and for free) to make voting easier.

(12) Vote because it’s the only remedy for an ailing nation.

(13) Vote because no one can tell you whom to vote for.

(14) Vote because, as elections past and present constantly teach us, every vote counts.

(15) Vote because no one will vote for you.

(16) Vote because it makes you feel good.

(17) Vote because the billions of American that have voted in the past can’t be wrong.

(18) Vote because you’re a rebel.

(19) Vote because “conservative,” “liberal,” “red state” and “blue state” are loaded terms that no longer have any real meaning.

(20) Vote because somewhere, someone with a completely opposite viewpoint is voting.

(21) Vote because somewhere, someone with the exact same political vision is voting.

(22) Vote for the millions of Americans that never got the chance.

(23) Vote because people you don’t know and will never meet are depending on you.

(24) Vote because it’s your first election.

(25) Vote because it’s your fortieth election.

(26) Vote to celebrate what is good and right in the world.

(27) Vote to fix what is bad and wrong in the world.

(28) Vote today because no one is promised tomorrow.

(29) Vote because the road to ruination is paved with apathy.

(30) Vote because you’re tired of being part of the problem.

(31) Vote because it is uplifting to be a part of the solution.

(32) Vote because the children are watching.

(33) Vote because the world is watching.

(34) Vote to protect your constitutional rights.

(35) Vote because no matter what candidate you choose, we all wake up the next morning as Americans, united in our democratic tradition and stronger than we were the day before.

(36) Vote to end poverty.

(37) Vote to end hunger and disease.

(38) Vote to promote equality.

(39) Vote because there is NOTHING more anti-American than accusing someone of being anti-American because they disagree with you.

(40) Vote for every person anywhere who lives in a dictatorship and can’t vote.

(41) Vote because it is the only check and balance we have against tyranny.

(42) Vote because we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

(43) Vote so that your voice can be heard.

(44) Vote because one person can change the world.

(45) Vote because many people voting together can change history.

(46) Vote because it’s the American way, and that still stands for something.

(47) Vote to honor the memory of a loved one.

(48) Vote because you’re passionate.

(49) Vote because you’re a bit of a cold fish.

(50) Vote because you like Fox News.

(51) Vote because you hate Fox News.

(52) Vote because you have a choice.

(53) Vote because when you stand in the voting booth no one in America has more power than you.

(54) Vote because the opportunity to exercise this political power doesn’t come along very often.

(55) Vote because it makes you feel like an adult.

(56) Vote because it fills you with the wonderment of a child.

(57) Vote because it’s easy.

(58) Vote because it wasn’t always easy.

(59) Vote because the weather’s good.

(60) Vote because the weather’s bad.

(61) Vote to protect the right of free speech, even for those with views that differ markedly from your own.

(62) Vote because the media is saying your candidate won’t win.

(63) Vote because the media is saying your candidate will win.

(64) Vote because you should never, ever let the media tell you whom to vote for.

(65) Vote because you’re a member of a political party.

(66) Vote because you’re independent.

(67) Vote because the ballot box does not care about your age, color, gender, religious affiliation, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

(68) Vote because it’s your right.

(69) Vote because it’s your duty.

(70) Vote because it’s your obligation.

(71) Vote because you ran for class treasurer back in the sixth grade, and discovered you weren’t as popular as you thought you were.

(72) Vote to defend your nation from those implacable foes who seek to destroy it.

(73) Vote to celebrate our broad, diverse and inclusive culture.

(74) Vote because whom you vote for is nobody’s business but your own.

(75) Vote because your mother would be disappointed if you didn’t.

(76) Vote because the environment can’t

(77) Vote because someone else won’t.

(78) Vote because you get a free sticker that says “I Voted Today.”

(79) Vote because it’s cool (dorky Hollywood PSAs not withstanding).

(80) Vote because politics is not a game or a popularity contest.

(81) Vote to punish incompetent and corrupt politicians wherever they run.

(82) Vote because when you do, you become another thread holding together the patchwork quilt of American democracy.

(83) Vote because the local sports team won.

(84) Vote because the local sports team lost.

(85) Vote even if the local sports team is the Cincinnati Bengals.

(86) Vote because, with the exception of acts of God, there are no valid excuses for not voting.

(87) Vote because if you do, everything will be all right (eventually).

(88) Vote to show the world the system still works.

(89) Vote because of what might happen if you don’t.

(90) Vote because you’ve thought it out logically, and not because of fear or other base human instincts that negative advertising seeks to inculcate.

(91) Vote because as an American you are never alone.

(92) Vote because it leaves a fresh, minty aftertaste in your mouth.

(93) Vote to stick it to the man.

(94) Vote because hope springs eternal.

(95) Vote because there are no lost causes.

(96) Vote because you fought the good fight.

(97) Vote because history is waiting to judge us all.

(98) Vote because the idea of one person = one vote is worth dying for.

(99) Vote because you can.

(100) Vote because you should.

(101) Vote just because.

Just VOTE.

-- Dr. Todd (Cincinnati, OH)

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