Sunday, August 17, 2008

UPDATE! The UNID Files #2: The Case of the Paper Minnow SOLVED!

The UNID Files #2: The Case of the Paper Minnow has been solved! Thanks to Jerry Martin (with an assist to Joe Stag) who ID'd the bait as follows:

The lure in question was advertised in the April 1924 issue of Forest and Stream magazine as "The Celebrated GLIRR TRANSPARENT MINNOW SPINNER COSTS ONLY THIRTY-FIVE CENTS and will give you lasting  fishing joy. The bait that becomes transparent under water and looks and acts like a real minnow."  The lure was advertised by the Glirr Manufacturing Co., 250-40th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. I have only found a single ad for this bait. The ad was about 2.5 x 5 inches with an artist rendition of the minnow.

I have searched for this lure for 15 years and have never seen another. I suspect the body was made of shark skin or other natural substance.

As I have a complete run of Forest & Stream advertisements I was able to pull the ad for this neat lure, which is run here.

Anyone who wants a cool UNID to be profiled, drop me a note! It really works.

-- Dr. Todd

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