Saturday, August 16, 2008

The UNID Files #2: The Case of the Paper Minnow

The UNID Files #2: The Case of the Paper Minnow

Jim Baird posted an interesting UNID lure that someone out there may have some information on. It's a paper minnow--but it is NOT the legendary Holland Paper Minnow. Jim notes that it is marked on the propeller "Wigart Glirr" whatever that means. Could it be a manufacturer's marking? Sounds vaguely Swiss or European...

The Holland Paper Minnow had a waxy paper that folded over the hook; this looks more durable, like it is almost a very thin strip of pork rind or other such material. Regardless, it is a nifty piece. Anyone with information on the Paper Minnow UNID please contact Jim Baird at

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-- Dr. Todd

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Unknown said...

This Paper Minnow glirr, is made by the swedish company Wigarts Gothenburg. The company started in 1912 and was called Sportfiskedon AB Göteborg. In 1918 they sold the company to Wigarts, you can see more lures from the company at this link:

// Rikk