Monday, August 25, 2008

News of the Week: 25 August 2008

Man uses Barbie rod to catch record catfish...criminals steal tackle in Britain and Canada...a brouhaha has erupted over the National Saltwater Angler man's search for the Sunapee Trout...remembering a 34-year old marlin record...more rock snot...Fishing & Hunting News goes bankrupt after 50 years...the Pacific Goliath Grouper is a new species...96 year old woman lands 35 pound King Salmon...19 accidents involving fishing resulting in 26 deaths and 297 must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

In the single most reported article in the history of Fishing for History, a man uses his daughter's Barbie fishing rod to land a record catfish. It was news so big it made MSNBC and got all the way to Pakistan.

Britain's St. Albans & Harpenden Review report on a fishing tackle burgled by thieves.

Not to be outdone, Canadian criminals steal the grand prizes for the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular.

Fish & Fly reports on a new premises for the Helmsdale Tackle Company.

Life is good, especially when the pompano are hitting.
Saltwater anglers are leary about the creation of the National Saltwater Angler Registry.

The Keene Sentinel reports on one man's emotional search for the Sunapee Trout.

This Hartford angler win $25,000 playing fantasy fishing.

Controversy erupts over Yo Yo fishing for stripers.

Sooner cats like it hot.

13-year old better angler than you; graduates Carp Academy with 24 pound specimen.

Javier Serna reports on a 34-year old marlin record.

Canada's Prosperous Lake gives up a bonanza in the form of a 42-pound Lake Trout.

First mud comes...rock snot, aka Didymo algae? Ewww.

A Navajo Dam couple celebrates 50 years in the tackle business.

Captain Bill Walsh reports on a great shark adventure.

More commentary on the ASA's Top 10 Tackle innovations of the past 50 years.

From the Sign of the Times Files: 50-year old magazine Fishing & Hunting News, with a 75,000 subscription base, goes bankrupt; 23 out of work.

This Fishing Musician has a web site and a foul mouth.

The Return of the Spey Rod.

This Illinois angler boats a 78-pound flathead.

From the More Reasons Why Texas Rules Files: Texas Rod Builders are crafting hand-made rods for soldiers.

From the You're Never Too Old Files: 96-year old woman boats 35-pound King Salmon.

New Dowagiac, Michigan City Manager Kevin Anderson hopes to make the Heddon Museum a national tourist draw.

This massive Pacific Goliath Grouper has been named the newest species of fish.

Finishing with a Flourish: Practical Fishkeeping details 19 terrifying accidents involving fish (sum total: 26 dead, 297 injured, and 2 left traumatized).

"Willy fish or Candiru might swim up your penis or vagina if you urinate in the Amazon."


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