Sunday, August 10, 2008

The UNID Files: The Case of the Florida Trumpet Lure

The UNID Files #1: The Case of the Florida Trumpet Lure

Gary Deppe sent me an email recently with some pictures of a spectacular unidentified lure, and it gave me a reason to start a new feature on the blog that I've been wanting to for some time--unidentified baits. The first edition of this new feature is on a lure I had the pleasure of once holding this jewel in my hands, and I have to say it is one of the very coolest UNID lures I've run across. Drop me a note if you think you have an idea on its provenance.

If it's ever possible, I'd love it if you could show this unique bait in one of your news posts.  It's a very early Florida bait (estimated 1920's) that's alluded to in Kimball's early book as a Florida Who Dunnit?  Most of the long-time Florida bait collectors (ie. Llloyd Jett, etc.) are aware of this bait, but as of yet, no-one has come forward with any information or history.  A truly unique bait of about 7", made of a very heavy wood, glass eyes, odd hook hangers and a very crude, early paint job.

I don't believe this is a folk art bait. Instead, I think it is a small manufacturer and I certainly hope that someone has information on this sweetheart that might help us to positively ID it. Drop me a note if you can help out.

If anyone has an unidentified lure they would like to feature--and possibly get identified--drop me a note as well.

-- Dr. Todd

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