Monday, August 18, 2008

News of the Week: 18 August 2008

Fly tying classes help returning vets deal with the real world...Steve Earle picks the fly rod over the gitfiddle...remembering Roderick Haig-Brown...English angler bested by hungry heron...19 year old fly tier has Mesa residents gaga...profiling St. Croix Rod Indy Star writer is up in arms over the confiscation of 22 worms...a man who left the rat race to work the dawn patrol at a local bait shop...the rise of Atlantic Salmon in must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Fly tying classes are used as rehab for returning veterans. (NOTE: This was done after both WWII and Korea, to great success. I'll pen an article on it in the near future).

New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times reports that musician Steve Earle loves playing country music...almost as much as he loves fishing.

Canada's Times Colonist remembers noted angler and environmental Roderick Haig-Brown.

The trials and trevails of kite fishing.

A British angler is bested by a hungry heron.

A 19-year old girl has Mesa Bass Pro customers hooked on her flies.

A profile of the St. Croix Rod Company of Park Falls, Wisconsin is an excellent history and overview of the largest rodmaker in America .

Disabled California man boats state record blue catfish.

This Coastian is stunned by his record 113.8 pound amberjack.

This Indianapolis Star writer has a vendetta against a Minnesota DBR game warden...for confiscating 22 worms.

Just be happy Lionfish aren't coming to where you live.

The Morning Sun regales us with a tale of hooking a fish so big it feels like reeling in a coke machine.

More hullabaloo on the potential California state record striped bass.

Ah, the beauty of the Porbeagle.

The Wisconsin Sportsman informs us that river muskies are where it's at.

From the Good Idea Files: Fishing Cards help Australian kids to ID fish and know what tackle is needed to catch them.

A profile of a not-so-furry cat...

Chris Lido profiles a nice history and retrospective on Ranger Bass Boats.

One man's vintage gear gets left behind at the local car wash.

The fishing's hot at Palatine's Twin Lakes.

A man gives up his 9-to-5 desk job to live the dream of... working the early shift at the local bait shop?

From the Sad Files: Popular Okeechobee tackle shop owner dies in boating accident.

Yet another review of the latest John Gierach book.

The American Fly Fishing Museum holds its semi-annual Fly Fishing Festival in Manchester.

Finishing with a Flourish: Drift net ban is working; numbers of Swedish Atlantic Salmon rising for the first time in years.

-- Dr. Todd

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