Saturday, August 23, 2008

The UNID Files #3: The Case of the Torpedo Minnow

The UNID Files #3: The Case of the Torpedo Minnow

The legendary "Pepper" Jack Gallagher sends info on a lure he believes is a production bait. First impressions are important, and this bait leaves a first impression like a blonde in a bikini at a black tie event. It is simply a stunner.

Here is what Jack has to write about it:
On your blog you were looking for some unidentified baits to post. Here's one I've had for some time that is in my "folk bait" collection that is so well made that it may be one someone can ID as a production bait.

As you can see the body is 4" long, it's hand painted and it is wood, even though it may appear to be plastic. Eyes are painted glass beads applied with nails. Hook is two single hooks wired together as a double hook. Shaft goes completely through the body. Would love to know who made this.

My hunch is also a production bait. Anyone with any information please contact Jack Gallagher at PEPPERJACK@FTC-I.NET.

Anyone who would like to have an UNID lure featured in the UNID Files please drop me a note, preferably with a picture!

-- Dr. Todd

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