Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week
Jeff Patterson lands great white on fly rod...

Things I Would Buy If I Could Only Afford Them
Wilson Wobblers are always nice, but especially in a neat color like this!

Surprise! This Pflueger lure in the box is one of the nicest things on eBay this week.

This 7'6" Hardy Marvel is a fine, fine bamboo rod.

Holy toledo, this is a fantabulous Jack Welch hand-made tournament casting reel!

This Marble's Fish Grabber pat. 1900 is a good find.

Shine, Green and Yellow Glow Worm, glimmer, glimmer, as bidder hopes get dimmer, dimmer...

I have to say, this is a pretty cool folk art carved 1920s catfish.

Here's a weird one--the Norris Jet Squid saltwater bait.

This Hardy 9' CC De France isn't in the most coveted length, but is still a very nice fly rod.

A nifty Heddon Spin Diver in Green Crackle Back is going to make some bidder very, very happy.

Ah yes! The Bingo Pluggin' Shorty is a nifty, nifty Texas bait.

The Jay Harvey by Ed. K. Tryon is one of the coolest of the 4-Screw Montague casting reels.

A J.A. Coxe L.A. reel dated 1924 is a very early one.

The Creek Chub Bug Wiggler is a really beautiful lure.

Who doesn't love the South Bend Tarp Oreno?

The Heddon 6-Pack box for the Stanley Pork Rind lure is a neat piece of advertising.

This Lake City Shiner is a very rare Florida made bait.

The Hastings Weedless Frog in the box is a super rare combo.

A pair of Storm Bug Plugs has attracted a lot of interest of late.

Billed as the "finest reel you've never heard of," this Chuyu 3400 saltwater reel certainly looks like a solid reel.

This Creek Chub Giant Injured Minnow is exactly that, a giant.

As always, have a good and safe weekend, and be kind to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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