Saturday, July 4, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: World Record Bass Video!

Video of the potential World Record Bass from Japan has surfaced!

Read the great Ken Duke's article on on what is currently known about the catch.

Unreal fish! The angler's name is Manabu Kurita and he is a noted Japanese bass angler who apparently introduced swimbaits to Japan. Apparently this one was caught on live bait.

As an aside, my mother used to have a summer home on Lake Biwa before World War II. She would spend her summers there with her Aunt, and remembers it as one of the most beautiful lakes she had ever seen.

-- Dr. Todd

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Steve vonBrandt said...

This is surely going to be interesting in the next few weeks to see what happens. I have all the current information and many pictures as well as videos that have not been seen on most sites. Many trophy interviews as well. Stop on by for the latest. Delaware trophy Bass at