Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Voices from the Past: Noa Spears' Floating Dragon Fly (1922)

A Texas Fly Rod Bait: the Floating Dragon Fly

Ran across this neat early Texas fly rod bait, made by Noa Spears of San Antonio in the May, 1922 Forest & Stream. It was such a neat lure even the editors chimed in on it!

At last I have produced a practically perfect floating dragon fly, in a color that is true to nature in this section. It is tied on a No. 1-0 hook and I have tried it out here in Texas and it casts excellently with a lighter line and a lighter rod that I use with the ordinary bass bug. It requires almost no manipulation after it lights on the water, as the insect itself itself rarely rises, once it falls in, and the fish went after it in a manner that indicated they considered it the real article, to the extent that they scarcely do with the other flies I have used. When I drop it on the water its tail sinks slightly and the wings spread out exactly as the natural dragon fly would when lying on the water.

-- Noa Spears, San Antonio, Texas

From time to time samples of all kinds of artificial angling lures find there way into our editorial rooms, but we do not recall having seen anything more alluring or takable than this beautiful dragon fly creation of Mr. Spears. The shape and coloring are exquisite. It is light enough to cast easily with light tackle and it has required constant vigilance to prevent its being taken off the desk right in front of our eyes, even by such reputable persons as usually haunt these premises.

So...anyone ever seen this little guy before?

-- Dr. Todd

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