Monday, July 27, 2009

News of the Week: 27 July 2009

Fishing helps heal cancer survivors...father and son fish 50 states...the Humboldt Squid is NOT a man eater...a class hooked on fly angling...the baiting game...the Russellure is now made in Texas...more gar...the Mountaineer bamboo rod gathering...Elizabeth Taylor, angler?....a short history of G. Loomis...A River Runs Through It heads to catches Great White on fly rod...more on Edward Barder, Britain's greatest bamboo rod must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: How a rod and reel have pushed cancer to the back seat.

Father and son fish 50 states in 50 days.

Relax, California...the Humboldt Squid doesn't eat humans. Yet.

On the hunt for massive muskies.

This class is hooked on fly fishing.

Jim Matthews is the king of the baiting game.

Whether its micro jigs or small minnows, the bait is getting tinier by the minute.

Field & Stream's John Merwin relates the joys of kayak fishing.

Heavy seas brings the cod closer to shore.

Steve Carson's report on I-Cast includes the tidbit that California's famed Russellure is now being made in Texas.

Sheesh. I need the Gar's press agent working for me. 10th gar article in a month!

The Moutaineer Bamboo Rod Gathering was a big success.

Well, everyone's favorite fly fishing movie--A River Runs Through It--is headed for Blu Ray.

Tackling bait in Canada.

Bait shop owner writing tell-all book; including anecdote about film legend Elizabeth Taylor.

From the U.K.: There is more to fishing than catching fish.

The 9th Annual Lake Superior Salmon Classic went off without a hitch.

Angler catches Great White Shark. On a fly rod.

A short history of G. Loomis, rodmaker.

Creepy jerks steal man's prize musky.

New Zealand dog better angler than you; catches fish.

A profile of a tackle shop I'd like to visit.

A new British book details the life and times of a noted English angler.

Coming to a tackle shop near you: pink fishing rods, a kayak fish finder, and reusable soft baits.

Canada's Cape Breton Post tells us that realistic lures make all the difference.

British anglers hope that a giant pumping station won't destroy their angling Mecca.

Fly fishing books are on display at the Fannin County Library.

Color makes all the difference, so sayeth the Yuma Sun.

Muskie anglers must change with the times.

The weak economy isn't keeping anglers off the water.

Finishing With a Flourish: A profile of Edward Barder, a rodmaker many of us came to admire in the recent film The Lost World of Mr. Hardy.

-- Dr. Todd

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