Monday, July 20, 2009

News of the Week: 20 July 2009

ICAST reports abound...the Thames is cleanest in 200 years...bluegills and the popular imagination...musky anglers must change...or simplify...the return of fishing award pins...the Metolius Bamboo Rod fair gets a nice write up...Patrick Daradick's collection is on display in Canada...80 year angler retires...63 year old angler clobbers burglar for trying to steal tackle...the Gar (again)...a bit of history of Pequea...even more (potential) world record bass stuff...11 year old catches 9 foot must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK

The Big Lead" The ICAST Best of Show.

The Thames River is the cleanest its been in 200 years; abounds with fish.

More on the world record bass...

Bluegills capture the popular imagination.

Dennis Anderson writes that musky anglers must change with times.

Another writer declares we must simplify to catch muskies.

Hey! The fishing award pins are back, at least for Ohio.

The Metolius Bamboo Rod fair is a huge hit!

80 year old angler decides to hang it up.

For whom the bell trolls.

Friend of the Blog Patrick Daradick's Ontario lure collection is on display in the Petersborough Heritage House Museum.

The IGFA's Hot Catches for July.

Move over Pork: White Bass is the other white meat.

63 year old Grimsby angler won't let burglar steal his tackle, stops thief until police come arrest him.

Shoreham Beach has a hook problem.

The Gar has a heck of a good press agent of late; gets written up in another feature article.

Tylersville celebrates is connection to the Pequea Tackle Works.

Musical Fishing. Kind of.

Rumors abound about the potential world record bass...

Tiny flies catch big, big trout.

Finishing with a Flourish: 9 year old MUCH better angler than you; catches 9 foot, 193 pound catfish.

-- Dr. Todd

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