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Announcement: EUROPEAN MITCHELL GATHERING Nov. 21, 2009

I was saddened to hear the U.S. Mitchell conference was cancelled, but wanted to bring to everyone's attention the fact that Keith Elliott, editor of Classic Angling, will be hosting a European gathering for Mitchell enthusiasts this coming November 21, 2009. This is the second gathering of Mitchell Mates in Britain, the first one being held in January 2007 and hosted by Mike Read. Mike and Wallace Carney are also helping Keith with this gathering as well. Here is Keith's announcement in full:


Nov. 21, 2009

Mitchell reel lovers are being given the chance to discuss their favourite reel at a get-together in London later this year. The one-day gathering is being hosted by Classic Angling. Its editor, Keith Elliott, has offered his company’s London base free for the day.

“There is increasing interest in Mitchell reels,” Elliott said. “When I heard there was going to be a conference for US collectors, I wanted to arrange an event for British and European enthusiasts. Sadly, that US event has been cancelled, but mine is certainly going ahead.”

It takes place on November 21 at Camden Town, London. Elliott hopes there will be enough support to arrange a coach on the following day to the  National Vintage Tackle Fair, the UK’s largest gathering of collectors, at Redditch, near Birmingham.

He said that the event would be open to anyone interested in Mitchells. “We expect that most of those attending will be from the UK, but I’ve already had expressions of interest from Holland and France, and I would be delighted if some of the leading American collectors were able to make the trip.”

No formal programme has yet been arranged, but as we went to press, Elliott confirmed that JP Gumprich would be attending. He has offered to reveal some fascinating information on why Mitchell made so many models. Elliott said. “I think there will also be plenty of people with reels to trade, and it will be a good chance to pick up those tricky parts like bail arm springs.

“A couple of people have also offered to do a session on servicing and repairing, but at the moment, I just want to see what the response is.”  He added that if collectors wanted talks to be arranged, he was happy to organise a programme.

He did not want the gathering to be seen as in any way competitive with the US Mitchell conference, which had been scheduled to take place in Atlantic City on September 13.

“I would be more than pleased if some of the big names in Mitchell collecting, who are mostly American, can make it, now that conference has been cancelled. But this is really for those who couldn’t justify a trip to New Jersey, yet want to meet other Mitchell enthusiasts.

“I know there has been some online sniping and competition between various groups. I’d like to make this a gathering that goes some way towards bridging those gaps. After all, we have a common interest.”

His company’s offices have safe parking for about 10 cars, and for those staying overnight, Camden Town is both a central and cheap area of London.

There will be no charge, but with limited space, admission will be by ticket allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact, tel +44 (0)1480 463565

-- Dr. Todd

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