Thursday, July 16, 2009

NFLCC Nationals 2009 (Part III)

NFLCC Nationals 2009 (Part III)

One of the best parts of the NFLCC Nationals is showing off your finds, so today, I'll go over what I got at the Louisville Nationals 2009.

Here are a pair of fluted spinners for my collection, including a William Mills #6 (left) and an E.O. Pealer (right).

A nice piece for the fluted collection is this Original Musky Bait Assembly Kit from the 1970s. A nice piece from Central Wisconsin!

One of the nicest pieces I added came from the Jeff Kieny collection--the Treman, King & Co. White Hat Spinner on the card.

The plastic line spool collection got some new pieces; Top Row--Diplomat, Mono-FIshlon, and Van Camp; Bottom Row--Gibraltar and Ted Williams.

The wood trade line spool collection got nine new pieces. Top Row--Iver Johnson Sporting Goods, A&F, and VL&A; Middle Row--Kresge, True Value, and Shapleigh Diamond; Bottom Row--Thos. E. Wilson and 10,000 Lakes.

This awesome Kelley-How-Thomson line spool from Duluth, MN was a gift from my great friend John Etchieson.

This is the only reel I got at the Nationals, but it was a honey--an Our Veribest Montague German Silver reel sold by VIM Co. of Chicago.

A nice selection of items for the hook collection; Paul H. Young hook envelope on left, Nostealum on Green Card, Glen Evans, and Edgar Sealey Hook Box (gift of Harvey Musselman); Mustad hook box (gift of Phil Beguhl) and an awesome Mustad Key Hook box (gift of Phil Beguhl).

This Shumann's Water Cricket is super cool, because of the NEwman-Stern sticker on the back. Thanks to Doug Carpenter for this one!

A trio of metal, Empire CIty, Hendryx, and unmarked Chapman.

A great Pflueger American spinner marked Akron O.

The neatest thing I got at Nationals was this set of four fluted blades that came from the Pepper estate. These were gifted to me by my friend Jack Gallagher, who is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Not much shaking on the snell front, but I did get a Chicago snell I needed (top) and a Catch All from the Vermillion Spinner Co. in Ohio.

NFLCC Nationals is all about friends. Here I am with my buddies Jim Garrett and Skip Brooks.

Thanks to everyone for making 2009 NFLCC Nationals such a great time. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the next one!

-- Dr. Todd

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Thanks for the photos. They're great. Love seeing old things like these.