Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Awesome 1956 ABU Garcia/Mitchell Films!

Today we have a real treat, courtesy of fishing historian Wallace Carney. Wallace has come across some rare and really important historic fishing and tackle related films from the 1950s, and he's graciously allowed us to post them here on the blog as part of a joint effort between The Mitchell Museum, Wayne Real's ABU site, and our very own Fishing for History Blog.

The first one is a 1956 ABU Garcia film featuring Johnny Dieckman, a world champion fly caster. This is a really, really neat one and we should all thank Wallace for sharing this with us.

I can't believe how elegant a caster Dieckman was.

The second film is also of Dieckman demonstrating ABU Ambassadeur fishing tackle in a baitcasting demonstration. Pretty awesome photography of some classic gear!

The final of the three films is a great featurette on the Mitchell spinning reel, showing Dieckman in action once again with these wonderful angling tools. I just love how the reel comes together again at the beginning of the film!

Wallace has spent hundreds of hours converting these to digital format so he can share them with us. He has a comprehensive web site at The Mitchell Museum which is also linked to the right on my blog; he has also just started a forum on Mitchell history called Mitchell Mates which can be accessed by Clicking Here. I strongly suggest you bookmark them as these three films are just the tip of the iceberg!

-- Dr. Todd

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