Monday, April 20, 2009

News of the Week: 20 April 2009

Mike Lesko, lure maker...collegiate anglers marked by lack of greed...Ireland's fisheries in trouble...trout season opens...Bill Burton is a hall-of-famer...A Gold Rusher sold tackle to '49ers...herring are bouncing are hooked on fishing...anglers rescue teen from drowning...a bucket list I'd be happy to help fill...blowin' up worms...Charlie Brewer...the joys of the tax breaks saved Plano...the Sutton Spoon...Aussie thieves net $400,000 in must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Lure making comes naturally to Mike Lesko.

What drives collegiate anglers? It ain't money.

The Irish are puzzled at a fourth fish kill at Ireland's most popular fishing spot.

Speaking of Ireland, The Irish Times reports that eels are under threat.

In Connecticut, as trout season opens, anglers take to the rivers.

Legendary outdoor writer Bill Burton is a hall-of-famer.

REWIND: A Gold Rusher is remembered for, among other things, selling fishing tackle to gold miners in 1846.

The Cape Cod Times reports the herring are making a slow recovery.

Why Kids are hooked on fishing.

Anglers rescue teens from drowning...fishermen! Is there anything they CAN'T do?

Jane Simkins has a bucket list: anyone want to help her with #8?

Why new license rules hurt small bait shops.

Blowin' up worms makes this bait angler happy.

Rick Clunn says follow your gut.

Three idiots get caught with an illegal sturgeon in their trunk.

Specialty fly fishing shops seem to feeling the economic pinch.

Why Charlie Brewer is the father of finesse fishing.

The Rat-L-Trap still has its fans.

The Moffit system of fly fishing has a few adherents.

A Virginia angler catches VA record blueline tilefish.

How Jerry Weller might have saved Plano Tackle boxes.

One man waxes nostalgic for fishing tackle of yore.

In Britain, Cornish fishermen angle for French fish.

Little boy is better angler than you; catches record white crappie.

A cowboy nets a record musky.

The Lure of the Sutton Spoon.

Finishing with a Flourish: Australia fishing store thieves net $400,000 in stolen reels in the past six months. That's a lot of Everols and Alveys!

-- Dr. Todd

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