Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lang's Week, Part 2

Thanks to Dean and Gary yesterday, we got a glimpse of the Lang's catalog yesterday. Today it is my turn to pick my Top 10 from the catalog. Remember, we're not talking about the rarest or most valuable, just things I flat out loved. Here they are, in no particular order.

(Lot 50) 9' Halstead rod. This is a sweet, sweet item from the Marty Keane collection. Halstead is more famous for his ferrules but this is absolutely one of the nicest rods you will find in this auction.

(Lot 150) Pinky Gillum flies. Pinky is a legendary fly rod maker, but this neat lot of flies he tied shows he was also a great fly tier. A nifty set to go along with a Gillum rod!

(Lot 784) Pequea ephemera. This lot of Pequea catalogs and ephemera is another example of how big and important this firm was. While not a "high ticket" item, it is nonetheless a nice peak at the height of this firm's history.

An Ed. K. Tryon hook sample book is warming the heart of his old hook collector.

(lot 1065) This Meek sign would go awesome with anyone's reel collection!

(Lot 1073) Julius vom Hofe Reel. How often do you find a vom Hofe reel marked Dame & Stoddard in a box!

(Lot 1128) Harper Reel. This is a nifty reel with a mysterious marking: R. Harper, Maker, N.Y. I too think it is a Crook reel.

(Lot 1289) Orvis card. This is a rare Orvis trade card. Maybe the rarest of its kind.

(Lot 1719) Skinner lot. A totally awesome 1939 G.M. Skinner World's Fair presentation board is indeed a great piece of fishing history!

(Lot 278) Rhead Books. A really cool set of three books by Louis Rhead, one of the neatest figures in fishing history.

With many eyes watching Lang's, we'll all be interested in seeing how it turns out!

-- Dr. Todd

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