Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Do you want to see a Killer Whale fight a Great White Shark? Take your right hand. Place it against your left wrist. Feel if you have a pulse. If you do have a pulse, OF COURSE YOU WANT TO SEE AN ORCA VS. A GREAT WHITE SHARK!

Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

A really great Liberty reel gets me in a patriotic mood.

This is a simply gorgeous Leonard trout reel.

A Chippewa in the box goes to the head of the class.

A Viking Frog in the box is a close second though...

Talbot Eli reel;
Your haunting beauty moves me won't be mine.

Anyone got the skinny on these Schauffler big game reels?

A Heddon Spin Diver in rainbow is a classic lure.

A dealer's box of South Bend Trout Orenos would look great next to my Trout Oreno Twelve Pack.

This Pflueger Crescent Moon Spinner is a great old metal lure.

Ah, you Winchester collectors...always something to drive you batty.

Abercrombie & Fitch passport pack rods are a nifty--if nigh on unusable--fishing rod.

A Pflueger Progress fly reel is a nice find; its maroon chimney box? Instant classic.

This Meek #3 couldn't be nicer if it came with a slice of apple pie.

One-off Penn reels like this one are the latest rage.

Creek Chub collectors are battling over this black head/white body Dingbat.

A Bug-N-Bass in an uncatalogued color is certainly getting a lot of looks.

How about a ledger filled with minutes from the South Bend Bait Co. dated 1958-1975?

These 8 Bobbers have attracted a lot of attention.

Here's an oddball Sunnbrook Bait Shrimp.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend, and be good to each other and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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