Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Voices from the Past: William Elting's NYC Tackle Shot (1893)

It is nice to learn a little bit of history of fishing tackle trade houses that have been forgotten by time, so I was pleased as punch to run across the following blurb in the History and Commerce of New York, 1891 about an old established name in New York City's tackle trade, William Elting, which gave a bit of his history.

William H.S. Elting, Fishing Tackle, Etc., No. 438 Hudson Street. For more than half a century the name of Mr. William H.S. Elting has been familiar to the public as the proprietor of the oldest and most popular sporting goods establishment in this part of the city. Mr. Eliting started in business at his present location away back in 1839, and during the fifty-two years that have since elapsed he has maintained an unbroken record for fair, honorable, and liberal dealing. Mr. Elting, who is now seventy years of age, is still active and energetic and personally supervises every detail of his large and flourishing business. He occupies a commodious store, neatly and attractively fitted up, in which will be found a full and very complete assortment of everything in the line of sportsmen's goods, including fishing tackle of every description, cutlery, hardware, patent ammunition, powder and shot, Eley's percussion caps, revolvers, guns, etc. etc. A specialty is made of repairing fishing rods and reels, and every article in the sporting line is sold on the most reasonable terms. Everything kept in stock is of the best quality and obtained direct from the leading manufacturers. Mr. Elting, who is a native of this state, is a reliable and responsible leader in his branch of trade.

I find it intriguing he was a rod and reel repairer, as I know that this service was provided by a few of the bigger New York trade houses (Abbey & Imbrie, Wm. Mills) but wondered if other stores did it as well.

I wonder if anyone has seen a piece of Elting marked fishing tackle?

-- Dr. Todd

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