Sunday, April 19, 2009

(Unofficial) Final Lure Prices from Lang's

These are UNOFFICIAL--I wrote them down while watching and bidding today. I may be wrong on some so don't sue me. But from a close perusal, it's clear that many lots went above auction estimate (designated by an asterisk *). Those that went 20% below auction estimate are designated by an "@" sign. The rest fell into the auction estimates, give or take 10%.

Overall today paper did unbelievably well, with many catalogs and letterheads exceeding estimates by a long, long way. I ended up paying 4x the auction estimate for one catalog for a friend of mine...Metal was also a big winner today, with a lot of the later lots including the Skinners demolishing estimates. Harkaufs also did quite well. I did well on the two lots of metal I won but paid a good bit for them.

That was the good news. Many of the other lures were averaging around 10-20% below estimates, with some (Heddons) being even softer in spots. The big ticket items did well in general, although a few (like the Chatauqua) brought puzzling results. And of course, as noted below, the last three pages or so of the catalog will be auctioned off next Saturday due to a glitch in the system of Live Auctions.

1491 (Trory Wood Minnow) 14750@
1492 (Comstock Hellgramite) 4000
1493 (Bing's Nemahbin Minnow) 700
1494 (K&K In Box) 2350@
1495 (Clark's Expert in Box) 800@
1496 (Woods Expert in Wood Box) 440
1497 (Pardee Bass Bait) 7400@
1498 (Friend Double Spinner) 2100
1499 (Chas. Smith Minnow) 2400
1500 (Greider Retreating minn) 3000
1501 (Manitou Minnow) 1600
1502 (Van Clay Minnow) 5250*
1503 (Hendryx Snake in Box) 650@
1504 (Hendryx Snake) 100@
1506 (Harkauf Bass Minnow) 2000
1507 (Harkauf in Box) 2500*
1508 (Harkauf in Box) 3750*
1509 (Harkauf in Box) 1000*
1510 (Harkauf in Box) 450@
1511 (Reliance with Box) 350
1512 (Harkauf Pearl Minnow) 2100*
1515 (Harkauf Plug Bait) 450*
1516 (Harkauf 5-Hooker) 370@
1517 (Harkauf Wood Min) 650*
1518 (Harkauf Wood Min) 200
1519 (Harkauf Combo Bucktail) 100
1526 (Harkauf Plug Bait) 125
1538 (Hardy Interchangeable) 1400@
1539 (Holland Paper Minnow) 225@
1540 (Detroit Glass Minnow) 850
1543 (Welch & Graves) 650
1638 (Special Order Heddon) 1100@
1639 (Heddon #708) 750@
1640 (Heddon #707) 1200@
1643 (Heddon Dummy Double) 3700*
1644 (Heddon #7509K) 1600
1645 (Heddon #7509X) 900
1646 (Heddoin #901) 1000@
1647 (Heddon #300) 425@
1683 (Chautauqua Minnow) 3300@

Since I didn't witness the auction yesterday I can only go on today's results. My verdict? Rods were solid and even, reels were down, paper and ephemera WAY WAY up, metal was up, lures slightly down. Overall, things have a way of averaging out so I wouldn't be surprised to see Lang's come close to reaching total auction estimates today. And with the economy the way it is, that in itself is a major, major victory.

We'll know more when the final numbers come in.

-- Dr. Todd

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